Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Easybeats - 1968 - Vigil

The Easybeats

01. Good Times 3:23
02. What In The World 2:15
03. Falling Off The Edge Of The World 2:33
04. The Music Goes Round My Head 2:47
05. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 3:30
06. Sha La La 3:04
07. Come In You'll Get Pneumonia 3:23
08. See Saw 2:32
09. Land Of Make Believe 3:10
10. Fancy Seeing You Here 2:30
11. Hello How Are You 3:14
12. Hit The Road Jack 2:49
13. We All Live Happily Together 4:04
14. I Can't Stand It 2:52

Additional Tracks
15. Good Times 3:14
16. Lay Me Down & Die 2:54
17. Lay Me Down & Die 2:48
18. Bring A Little Lovin' 2:20
19. The Music Goes Round My Head 2:16
20. Hello How Are You 3:54
21. Come In You'll Get Pneumonia 3:18
22. Falling Off The Edge Of The World 2:33

Track 15: Different Mix
Track 16: Instrumental Version
Track 17: Vocal Version
Track 19: Fast Version
Track 20: Original First Version
Track 21: First Mix
Track 22: Second Version

Stevie Wright - Lead Vocals on A1
George Young - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Harry Vanda - Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Dick Diamonde - Bass Guitar
Tony Cahill - Drums, Percussion

Exactly what happened to the Easybeats between Friday on My Mind in 1967 and this release later in 1968 is something of a mystery. Vigil is as disjointed and lifeless for long stretches as Friday on My Mind was inspired, the group falling into routine pop/rock. There's a real sense of simply going through the motions of making music, and no originality to speak of on most of the songs -- two of the exceptions, "Falling Off the Edge of the World" and "Land of Make Believe," sound like leftovers from Friday on My Mind, which is a welcome relief, but don't justify the purchase of this album, except by the most hardcore fans. The third, "I Can't Stand It," is a solid straight-ahead rocker that could have come off of one of the group's first two Australian albums, except that they would have done it with a quicker tempo in those days; and "Good Times" is a pleasant throwback to the same era, and livelier than anything else on this album.

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