Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Khazad Doom - 2008 - Cherry Town

Khazad Doom 
Cherry Town

01. Cherry Town, The Song
02. Mrs. Murphy's Purple Grocery Store
03. Zany Zake The Blacksmith
04. Miss Crankhouse (The Old Bag)
05. Happy Go-lucky's Pool Hall gang
06. Lucky Lilah Lucky (Instrumental)
07. Luvva Is A Beautiful Thing.
08. Happy high Day's Here .
09. Chilly Penguin's Bar
10. Banker Beegee's Barracuda
11. Lilly Lime Lagoon
12. Cherry Town Epilogue (Instrumental)

This album was actually recorded by the pre-Khazad Doom incarnation called The Laymen in 1967, and remained unreleased until it's issue by Void. It contains somewhat crudely recorded, organ driven, concept style garage, with some pop/psych mat'l. The issue comes complete with a fairly hefty booklet detailing the back story behind the album and each track. A nice package for KD fans.

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