Thursday, April 27, 2017

Frode Thingnaes - 1974 - Feelin All Right

Frode Thingnaes 
Feelin All Right

01. Feelin' All Right
02. Norwegian Folk Song: Mannen Han Gikk Seg Pâ Veaskog
03. Wheels
04. The Little Lion
05. Fink Finster
06. Axel

Frode Thingnaes : Trombones
Bjorn Johansen : Tenor Sax
Henryk Lysiak : Piano
Jan Erick Kongshaug : Guitar
Bjorn Jacobsen : Bass
Svein Erik Gaardvik : Drums
Ole Jacob Hansen : Percussion

Additional Musicians :
Arne Monn-Iversen : Leader Strings on Tracks: A1, A2, B1 & B3
Finn Eriksen : Trumpets on Tracks A1, A3 & B1
Bernt Steen : Trumpets on Tracks A1, A3 & B1
Christian Beck : Trumpets on Tracks A1, A3 & B1
Johan Bergli : Baritone Sax on Tracks A1, A3 & B1

All Arrangements & Trombone Parts by Frode Thingnaes
Recorded in Oslo between 1st & 3rd of October 1974

Thingnæs picked up the trumpet at eight, when he started to play in Sinsen school band. In 1953 he switched to trombone. He received his music education at th in Sinsen school band. In 1953 he switched to trombone. He received his music education at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen. From 1959 onwards he played in orchestras led by Bjørn Jacobsen, Gunnar Brostigen, Mikkel Flagstad and Kjell Karlsen. His own F. T. Quintet, formed in 1960, was included on Norway's first jazz album, released in 1963. He contributed to releases by Egil Kapstad, Terje Rypdal, Laila Dalseth, Espen Rud, Bjørn Alterhaug and Per Husby. In 1967 he was named best trombonist in the magazine 'Jazznytt musician vote', and in 1969 he led his Norwegian sextet at the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival.

He was kapellmeister at Norway's most famous revue theater, Chat Noir in 1960. On the pop music scene he made contributions over a period to Popol Ace. He conducted the Norwegian Radio Orchestra. Together with Philip Kruse he wrote the music for the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest entries "Hvor er du?" (1974, English title "The First Day of Love") and "Mata Hari" (1976), both performed by his former wife, Anne-Karine Strøm. At the time both Thingnæs and Strøm were members of jury member Finn Eriksen's orchestra. Frode Thingnæs has also conducted and been a member of the Defense Staff Marching Orchestra (FSMK) and for more than 30 years he has conducted Norway's most high-profile Janissary orchestra, Kampen Janitsjarorkester. Other pop music collaborations include Wenche Myhre, Lill Lindfors and Svante Thuresson. For a number of years Thingnæs worked together with Einar Schanke, Alfred Næss and Yngvar Numme. He has composed a lot. His most renowned works may be Wheels and the Flåklypa ballet (1985) at the Norwegian National Opera. He also produced records for, among others, Bodega Band (1977). In latter years he led a quintet together with Harald Gundhus. Thingnæs died, aged 72, in Oslo.

Feelin Alright is Frode Thingnaes first album. It is considered a Norwegian jazz masterpiece from 1974, a true holy grail amongst jazz collectors. It sells for high amounts online. It was originally released in small quantities with very limited distribution, mainly in Norway. Recorded in the 70's, combining funk, folk songs, jazz and soul, makes it an unique album that represents the contemporary 70's jazz scene in Norway.