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Willem Breuker - 1966 - Contemporary Jazz For Holland / Litany For The 14th Of June, 1966

Willem Breuker
Contemporary Jazz For Holland / Litany For The 14th Of June, 1966

A1. Litany For The 14th Of June, 1966    (07:42)  
A2. Life Is Music Is Love Is All     (06:11)    
A3. Psalm 64                             (01:35)    
A4. Time Signals And Sound Density V     (05:59)    
B1. Implication And Piano Distance     (05:44)    
B2. Composition 19 In Silvergrey     (05:59)    
B3. Composition 30                     (05:11)    
B4. Composition 28                     (04:12)

Recorded at Musis Sacrum, Baarn, Holland.
Date: 26 and 27 October 1966 (A) and 27 October 1966 (B).

On side A:

Willem Breuker, bass clarinet, baritone, alto & soprano saxophone, piano, drums
Gilius van Bergeyk, oboe
Guus Dral, bassoon
Eddie Engels, trumpet, fluegelhorn
Henk Scheffer, trombone
Carl Schulze, trombone, vibraphone
Jaap Verhaar, horn
Jan Wolff, horn
Hans Dulfer, tenor saxophone
Ab van der Molen, soprano saxphone, bass clarinet
Cornelius Hazevoet, piano
Pieter Boersma, cello
Arjen Gorter, double bass, accordion, harmonica
Dick van der Capellen, double bass
Victor Kaihatu, double bass, guitar
Pierre Courbois, drums
Rob Kattenberg, drums
Ileana Melita, voice

On side B:

Willem Breuker, bass clarinet, clarinet, baritone, tenor, alto & soprano saxophone
Misja Mengelberg, piano
Dick van der Capellen, bass (pizzicato)
Victor Kaihatu, bass (arco)
Pierre Courbois, drums

This is Willem Breuker's first LP under his own name and also one of the earliest recordings of European Free Jazz. Already in this early stage of the socalled "European emancipation" we have not only a small combo but already compositions for a large ensemble. The achievement is quite differrent to Alex von Schlippenbach's Globe Unity from the same year.

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