Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Hammill & Guy Evans - 1988 - Spur Of The Moment

Peter Hammill & Guy Evans 
Spur Of The Moment

01. Sweating It Out (6:34)
02. Surprise / Little Did He Know (9:31)
03. Without a Glitch (3:29)
04. Anatol's Proposal (4:01)
05. You Think Not? (4:03)
06. Multiman (8:07)
07. Deprogramming Archie (1:46)
08. Always So Polite (5:24)
09. An Imagined Brother (5:21)
10. Bounced (5:11)
11. Roger and Out (1:37)

- Peter Hammill / Washburn semi-acoustic guitar, pianos, synths & samplers (Akai MX73 MIDI keyboard, Akai & Emax samplers, Roland MKS 20/80 piano and Super Jupiter modules, Yamaha DX7 and TX modules), producer
- Guy Evans / acoustic & Roland Octapad electronic percussion, samplers

- Paul Ridout / programming, sequencing & engineering

At the beginning I must to confess - I enjoy whole Mister Hammill's "miscellaneous recordings", but there is some specific climate on His and Evans "Spur of the moment", which makes from this LP my favourite one. It is an instrumental work of members of VDGG. Album is an amazing adventure into the dangerous, modern atmosphere, that musicians made by their improvisations. It is one, that you will love or never listen to. Why? Artists initiates interesting dialogues, which are mainly based on a agressive keyboards, and hypnotic sound of percussion. All compositions are rather similiar, but it makes from "Spur of the moment" extremely strong LP. There is no weak points, of course if you are able to go into and follow the musical structures, which duet create. I always waited for that kind of an instrumental piece.

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