Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Hammill - 1990 - Room Temperature Live

Peter Hammill 
Room Temperature Live

101. The Wave (3:43)
102. Just Good Friends (5:15)
103. Vision (4:52)
104. Time To Burn (5:00)
105. Four Pails (6:42)
106. The Comet, The Course, The Tail (9:19)
107. Ophelia (4:20)
108. Happy Hour (9:14)
109. If I Could (6:03)
110. Something About Ysabel's Dance (7:27)
111. Patient (10:02)

201. Cat's Eye / Yellow Fever (6:06)
202. Skin (5:30)
203. Hemlock (8:23)
204. Our Oyster (7:12)
205. The Unconscious Life (6:03)
206. After The Show (10:57)
207. A Way Out (8:46)
208. The Future Now (4:06)
209. Traintime (6:40)
210. Modern (10:03)

- Peter Hammill / guitar, keyboards, vocals
- Stuart Gordon / violin
- Nic Potter / bass

This wonderful live album serves both as a souvenir for Hammill fans and as an introduction for his solo work. Recorded along several concerts in North America during his 1990 tour, with a backing band of only two musicians (longtime bassist Nic Potter and violinist Stuart Gordon), "Room Temperature Live" offers a complete concert (well, pieces of different concerts gathered together to duplicate a typical songlist of the tour), in more than 140 minutes of music. And great music is offered here: almost all songs came from various solo albuns, with only "The Wave" and "Cat's Eye/Yellow Fever (Running)" (both from "The Quiet Zone, The Pleasure Dome") representing his work with Van Der Graaf Generator. Hammill sings with passion (sometimes he sounds a bit desperated), and offers a good job playing acoustic guitar and piano; Nic Potter provides rhythm and pulsation to the songs (and sometimes, by using some distortion, he pushes his bass to the front); and Stuart Gordon, often featured as a soloist, makes a significant contribution to the album's sound. IMHO, the highlights are: "Cat's Eye...", "If I Could", "Hemlock" and "After the Show". The only reason I didn't gave this album five star is: sometimes the sparse instrumentation makes it a bit tiring. Try to listen CD one, go to other CD, and then listen CD two; this will make listening to "Room Temperature Live" more easy.

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