Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Hammill - 1988 - In A Foreign Town

Peter Hammill 
In A Foreign Town

01. Hemlock (6:30)
02. Invisible Ink (4:19)
03. Sci-Finance (Revisited) (4:22)
04. This Book (5:14)
05. Time To Burn (3:44)
06. Auto (3:58)
07. Vote Brand X (4:03)
08. Sun City Night Life (4:34)
09. The Play's The Thing (4:54)
10. Under Cover Names (4:19)
11. Smile (5:18)
12. Time To Burn(Instrumental) (3:44)

Total Time: 54:55

Bonus tracks on 1988 Restless & 1995 Fie! releases:
11. Smile (5:18)
12. Time To Burn (Instrumental) (3:43)

- Peter Hammill / vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, producer

- Stuart Gordon / violin
- Paul Ridout / sound creation (MIDI, electronics)

Peter Hammill's "In a foreign Town" is not an album, that you should start your adventure with a PH's creative power. Problem is not with a bad or hard songs that this one include, but rather interpreations. Mr. Hammill write on His page, that using of rythm ("plastic drums") in some tracks was a mistake, and I have to agree with His opinion. From the other hand "In the foreign town" is still a strong LP - just listen to the memorable songs like "The play's the thing", or "Time to burn" and "Invisible ink" to understand that Hammill's form is still on the highest level. I'm personally a little disapoipointed (for the first time!!) only by the vocal on the "Invisible ink", because when you compare it with the "Peel sessions" version (which is full of expression) it sounds much weaker. To sum up - very good album, don't be afraid to buy it.

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