Thursday, March 30, 2017

Peter Hammill - 1985 - The Margin

Peter Hammill 
The Margin

101. The future now (3:48)
102. Porton down (5:41)
103. Stranger still (6:22)
104. Sign (6:37)
105. Jargon King (3:18)
106. Empress´s clothes (5:50)
107. The sphinx in the face (5:15)
108. Labour of love (5:50)
109. Sitting Targets (5:41)
110. Patient (7:31)
111. Flight (20:32)

201. The second hand (6:02)
202. My experience (4:12)
203. Paradox Drive (4:18)
204. Modern (7:40)
205. Film Noir (5:06)
206. The great experiment (5:46)
207. Happy hour (9:45)
208. Central hotel (5:00)
209. Again (4:24)
210. If I could (5:52)

- Peter Hammill / vocals, guitar, piano
- John Ellis / lead guitar
- Nic Potter / bass
- Guy Evans / drums, percussion

This is the culmination of p.h,s work with the k group extending back to sitting a live representation of Hammill it nearly satisfies(it would be impossible to capture the true energy of any p.h performance)it contains some of his 'greatest hits' and the bonus of a van der graaf track 'sphinx in the face' i brought the original uk release of this album upon it's release (on vinyl of course) and wore it out (and the patience of my doubting friends- something you get used to as lifelong Hammill devotee)so i was delighted to find the cd issue contained extra tracks on the + cd these tracks are raw recordings(bootleg) and truly do a long way to conveying the truth of a Hammill gig a great starter album for a new listener but if you want to know which Hammill album to buy the answer is really quite simple.........start saving and buy ALL of them!



  2. Hello from France. Very good post. Hammill live is always something special (to me). Thanks a lot!!!