Tuesday, March 28, 2017

George Freeman - 1971 - Introducing George Freeman Live with Charlie Earland Sitting In

George Freeman
Introducing George Freeman Live with Charlie Earland Sitting In

01. Stormy Monday Blues 3:04
02. A Very Good Year 2:49
03. 3 O'Clock In The Morning Blues 6:42
04. Let It Be 3:52
05. Something 3:51
06. Getting To Know You 3:34
07. Funky Walk 3:28
08. Wine And Roses 3:04
09. Girl Talk 4:15
10. Strangers In The Night / Old Folks 6:14

Guitar – George Freeman
Organ – Charles Earland

A good friend sent me a cop of this one years ago, and I have absolutely no information about this album, the only thing I found online was an entry in discogs, even Rateyourmusic has no entry for it.
SO, if you know more about this album please let me know.

By the way ... I love the cover version of Let It Be!


  1. http://www.filefactory.com/file/45hm7ax8eipd/4566.rar

  2. Way to go! This is incredibly rare!
    Good sound quality too!
    A few of these same tracks (I believe) appear on an early Charlie Earland LP. (https://www.discogs.com/Charles-Earland-Live-Freakin-Off/master/411933)
    But much muddier sound.
    Found a copy,
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/GEORGE-FREEMAN-INTRODUCING-GEORGE-FREEMAN-LIVE-LP-GIANT-STEP-RECORDS-GS-005-JAZZ-/262435856715?hash=item3d1a65614b:g:9hQAAOSwcL5XNk6oNice scans!
    (Sorry I couldn't hyper-link these!)

  3. thanks for the ebay link... saved those scans!