Monday, March 27, 2017

Charles Kynard - 1973 - Your Mama Don't Dance

Charles Kynard 
Your Mama Don't Dance

01. Superstition 4:44
02. The World Is A Ghetto 2:59
03. Momma Jive 3:26
04. I Got So Much Trouble 5:06
05. Your Mama Don't Dance 2:36
06. Zambezi 5:34
07. Summer Breeze 3:25
08. You've Got It Bad Girl 3:47

Charles Kynard - electric organ
Ray Pounds - drums
Paul Humphrey - drums
Chuck Rainey - Fender bass
Arthur Adams - electric guitar
David Roberts - trombone, bass trombone
George Bohanon - trombone, bass trombone (solos)
James Kartchner - trumpet, flugelhorn
Jerome Rusch - trumpet, flugelhorn

Recorded in '73, Jazz organist Charles Kynard does his take on a number of recently recorded funk tunes, circa that era... including Superstition, The World Is A Ghetto, I've Got So Much Trouble and Summer Breeze. There's not a single miss on this album...
Featuring ultra funky soloing, funky comping, a tight rhythm section, tight crisp horn section - - funky but crisp arrangements... tightly produced... and not a tune is a miss.
Fred Wesley fans... take note of George Bohannon, the original Funky Trombonist's presence... His solo on SUPERSTITION steals the show.

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