Friday, February 3, 2017

Wolfgang Dauner - 1970 - Music Zounds

Wolfgang Dauner 
Music Zounds

01. Leap Tick 4:03
02. The Things We Did Last Summer 4:35
03. Diäthylaminoäthyl 5:30
04. Es Läuft 3:45
05. Here Come De Honey Man 6:17
06. Blue Light 7:48
07. Golden Green 6:05

Bass – Eberhard Weber
Drums – Roland Wittich
Piano – Wolfgang Dauner

Recorded at MPS-Studio, Villingen, Febr. 1970

Krautrock monster alert, folks! Comprised of the trio of Wolfgang Dauner on ringmodulated clavinet and piano, Eberhard Weber on bass, cello and guitar and Fred Braceful on percussion and voice, this is a coruscating masterstroke of hard burning acidic fusion at the point of implosion into the freeform. Released on ECM Records in their nascent days, before the house aesthetic calcified into something much more reserved, Output unfurls itself on a slipstream of droning and groaning spectral esoterica before exploding into the title track's hailstorm of outrageously overdriven ringmodulated clav, octopoidal percussive splatter and fuzz bass fusillades. Output represents Dauner at his most out-on-a-limb, frequently deploying strategies that he and Braceful would explore at greater length on the eponymous first Et Cetera LP (reissued as "Lady Blue", in which form it can be found elsewhere on MS), which is merely one of the top 5 krautrock albums of all time, in my humble opinion. Utterly essential.



  2. On seeing the review again I notice it's a review for "Output" in the wrong place. Yes, Output has a few jarring fusion elements, but hardly one of the top 5 "krautrock" albums of all time. Very tame compared to what groups like Embryo and Exmagma were about to unleash in about a year's time.