Friday, February 3, 2017

The Section - 1977 - Fork It Over

The Section 
Fork It Over

01. Suckers On Parade 3:47
02. L.A. Changes 5:25
03. Street Pizza 4:07
04. Hamsters Of Doom 4:30
05. Bad Shoes 2:49
06. Moon Over Fontana 5:30
07. Rainbows 4:34
08. White Water 2:55
09. Magnetic Lady 5:41

Bass – Leland Sklar
Drums – Russ Kunkel
Flute – Jim Horn (tracks: B2)
Guitar – Danny Kortchmar
Keyboards – Craig Doerge
Percussion – Joe Lala (tracks: B2), Steve Forman (tracks: A2)
Producer – The Section
Saxophone – David Sanborn (tracks: B3), Jim Horn (tracks: A3)
Trumpet – Chuck Findley (tracks: A3)
Vocals – David Crosby (tracks: B4), James Taylor (tracks: A5)

Imagine the Atlanta Rhythm Section doing Jan Hammer/Jeff Beck collaboration instrumentals.
This is fantastic music,  very pleasant,  very funky.  
Creative  simple production that is very airy.  All the instruments are very discrete.
The musicianship is fantastic as well,  not over the top  "lets see how many notes I can cram into the smallest time slot" type of stuff.       The creativity takes precedence over   any attempt to do fingerboard acrobatics.
One of the best things I have heard in years,  I don't know how I missed these guys back in the day.



  2. I have their first album and have always enjoyed it. Got to give this a listen. Many thanks.