Thursday, February 23, 2017

Larry Coryell and the Brubeck Brothers - 1978 - Better Than Live

Larry Coryell and the Brubeck Brothers 
Better Than Live

01. Fire Serpent 5:35
02. In The Spanish Mode 7:25
03. The Midnight Sailor 8:18
04. Mirth 4:58
05. The Secret One 8:35
06. Just Like Being Born 5:39

Drums, Percussion – Danny Brubeck
Electric Bass – Chris Brubeck
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Larry Coryell
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes], Clarinet, Synthesizer [Arp Odyssey, Dgx, Omni] – Darius Brubeck

Larry Coryell and the Brubeck Brothers (keyboardist Darius Brubeck, electric bassist Chris Brubeck and drummer Dan Brubeck) initially recorded these sessions for Direct Disk, though there is multi-tracking involved, so this isn't actually a direct-to-disc recordings. Like many fusion sessions from the late '70s, this record hasn't stood the test of time particularly well. Coryell's rather pedestrian "Fire Serpent" especially grows tiresome quickly. Not purely a fusion album, Darius Brubeck switches to an acoustic piano for his enchanting "In the Spanish Mode;" the keyboardist also contributed three other songs to the LP. Although hardly essential to fans of Larry Coryell, this long out of print LP will be somewhat hard to find due to the label's relatively short life.

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