Friday, February 3, 2017

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Medium - 1971 - Wandering Birds (Featuring Sammy)

Jiro Inagaki & Soul Medium
Wandering Birds (Featuring Sammy)

01. Wandering Birds (Interlude) (6:41)
02. After Noon (6:06)
03. Parajika (5:31)
04. Do It! (7:29)
05. On the Grass (3:35)
06. Hyakunen Tattara (3:05)
07. Wandering Birds (5:39)

Jiro Inagaki _tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Tsunehide Matsuki & Kimio Mizutani _guitar
Hiro Yanagida _organ
Hideaki Takebe _bass
Kiyoshi Tanaka _drums
Masahiko Sato _moog synthesizer
Sammy & Sawada Yasushi _vocal

Heavy funk from Japan's Soul Media combo – and one of the group's great 70s outings with the engimatic Sammy on vocals! Sammy's got this raw, raspy style that might owe a bit to Janis Joplin at times – but also nods strongly to the work of the American underground at others – more than able to stretch out with the fierce sounds of the group on the record, especially when they take on some trippy or more freaked-out styles! The drums are often nice and bold, and the electric instrumentation is very well integrated with a tight horn section that gives the tunes plenty of punch – and titles include "After Noon", "On The Grass", "Wandering Birds", "Parajika", and "Hyakunen Tattara

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