Friday, February 3, 2017

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media - 1972 - Dosojin

Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media

01. Inanome (4:57)
02. Kigishi (4:57)
03. Susomi (4:10)
04. Kusakai (5:31)
05. Arisobe (1:20)
06. Tabute (4:56)
07. Sasara (3:54)
08. Yabunirami no Isan (8:24)

Jiro Inagaki: tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Tsunehide Matsuki & Kimio Mizutani: guitar
Hiro Yanagida: organ
Hideaki Takebe: bass
Kiyoshi Tanaka: drums
Masahiko Sato: moog synthesizer

Yasushi Sawada (Vocals)
Yasuhiro Koyama (Composer, Arranger)

Extremely rare as an original. In fact, I didn't find one even for a price check, so I'm sure an original is a small fortune. Fortunately for the rest of us, Columbia has come through with a fine CD, housed in a sturdy and beautiful mini LP reproduction, with great sound. This was released through their Deep Jazz Reality series, even though this particular album isn't jazz based at all.

Vocalist Yasuhsi Sawada joins Jiro Inagaki & His Soul Media group this time around – but in a way that seems to create a whole new sound from both artists! The album's got a deeper, more sophisticated style than some of Inagaki's other records – not just funky soul, but a richer suite of tracks that still has plenty of soulful currents, but which also reaches towards some more ambitious emotional territory too – never in a way that's clunky or snoozy, but which takes all the best elements of the Soul Media groove, and pushes them a bit farther too! Sawada's vocals are all in Japanese, and have this very powerful approach – never dominating the music, but moving through the instrumentation in this evocative way that almost feels instrumental to our ears, given our lack of understanding of the language. The whole thing's almost got a spiritual undercurrent, althought the presentation is still more in the groovy mode of other Soul Media sets – and titles include "Sasara", "Tabute", "Kusakai", "Kigishi", "Susomi", and "Inanome".



  2. I knew Mizutani must have been on this! And not surprised that Hiro Yanagida is there too, these both were seemingly on every Jazz Fusion album in the early 70's. Thanks for including the credits, I couldn't find them anywhere else.