Friday, February 3, 2017

Jiro Inagaki - 1970 - Head Rock

Jiro Inagaki
Head Rock

01. The Vamp (5:23)
02. Twenty One (5:33)
03. Spoonful (9:18)
04. Back to Rack (3:31)
05. High Jack (4:16)
06. The Ground for Peace (7:43)
07. Head Rock (4:21)

Jiro Inagaki - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
Tetsuo Fushimi - trumpet
Masaru Imada - organ
Yasuo Arakawa - bass
Ryo Kawasaki - guitar
Sadakatsu Tabata - drums

Ultimate & most wanted japanese rare groove recorded by the saxophonist Jiro Inagaki, one of the main actor of the Japanese Jazz Rock & Progressive scene. In 1963, Jiro Inagaki was recruited by Helen Merrill for her first album recorded in Japan, "In Tokyo" with the Takeshi Inomata's West Liners group, and later formed various jazz band as the All-Stars, The (Black) Rhythm Machine or, of course, The Soul Media. Recorded in 1969 and released under the famous Takt Jazz Series from Nippon Columbia, Head Rock includes psychedelic guitar effects, great drum breaks, acid & electronic organ sounds, performed by The Soul Media, featuring some future japanese jazz great names, such as Ryo Kawasaki (in his first professional appearance), Yasuo Arakawa, Masaru Imada or Tetsuo Fushimi. Titles includes cover & original songs from Hal Galper (The Vamp),  and Willie Dixon (an amazing version of Spoonful), five composed by Ryo Kawasaki (Twenty One), Masaru Imada (High Jack), Yasuo Arakawa (The Ground For Peace) and Jiro (Head Rock). All tracks arranged by Jiro Inagaki.



  2. Thanks for the Inagaki! Any chance we can get the rare album "Something" by Jiro Inagaki and Steve Marcus? :)