Thursday, February 2, 2017

Horace Tapscott - 2009 - Lighthouse 79

Horace Tapscott 
Lighthouse 79

101. Acirfa
102. Dem, Folks
103. I Remember Clifford
104. Leland's Song
105. Acirfa

201. Akirfa
202. Niger's Theme
203. Stella By Starlight
204. Lush Life
205. Inspiration Of Silence

Alto Saxophone – Gary Bias
Bass – David Bryant, Roberto Miranda
Drums – George Goldsmith
Piano – Horace Tapscott
Trumpet – Reggie Bullen

Recorded Oct. 10 7 11, 1979 at Ruby Onderwyzer's Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA.

I would recommend getting this recording for "Leland's Song", even if the rest sucked, which it most definitely doesn't.  Horace Tapscott was a mad genius!  That song is so good that I can't help but laugh several times from pure enjoyment when he gets grooving. You don't want it to end, and it doesn't.  It keeps going for almost 19 minutes.  It's one of my all-time favorite songs for sure, even it doesn't sound as tight as it could be.  They obviously didn't rehearse that song very much.  Another point of interest is that this concert also features Horace Tapscott's take on "I Remember Clifford", which is not even remotely an avant-garde song.



  2. Re: the Tapscott posts - sheer joy, thank you so so much. Some record here I've been wanting to hear for years. When I set off for work this morning, I was thinking, 'I hope he follows up that Tapscott post with a whole load more...' Well, it's a dream. I downoad everything you post because it's all gold dust, but these go even further beyond... Thank you.

  3. What Gustav said! Many thanks for all this fine music.

    1. agreed. and for all the George Russell as well

  4. Hello! Can you please repost it? I'm a Horace Tapscott's fan and I'd like to listen to this record.
    Thanks in advance