Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Globe Unity Orchestra + Guests - 1975 - Baden-Baden '75

Globe Unity Orchestra + Guests 
Baden-Baden '75

01. Maranao
02. U-487
03. Jahrmarkt
04. Hanebuchen
05. The Forge

Alto Saxophone, Clarinet – Anthony Braxton
Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Rudiger Carl
Bass Clarinet – Michel Pilz
Bass, Tuba – Peter Kowald
Double Bass – Buschi Niebergall
Drums – Paul Lovens
Piano – Alexander von Schlippenbach
Saxophone [Saxophones], Clarinet [Clarinets] – Peter Brotzmann
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone – Evan Parker
Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute – Gerd Dudek
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff, Gunter Christmann, Paul Rutherford (2)
Trumpet – Enrico Rava, Kenny Wheeler, Manfred Schoof

Recorded 25-27 November 1975 during the New Jazz Meeting (Ten Years Globe Unity Orchestra) at the Sudwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden

Track 3 first released on the LP by Po Torch PTR/JWD 02 - with thanks to Paul Lovens!



  2. Thanks. Am listening now and really enjoying it.

    As an aside I would add that for several months of this year I found myself recovering from illness and otherwise incapacitated. I discovered your blog during this time and it has helped to lift me out of a very bleak period of my life.

    Appreciate your work

    1. I hope you are in good health now, and continue doing so... Funny enough I started the blog when recuperating after a long period of illness and a stem cell transplant as a sort of therapy almost... Really REALLY happy that it brought someone thru a rough period! Cheers!!

  3. Thanks Zen, I hope all is well in your part of the world too.
    Yeah, things are getting better and lets hope that they continue to for both of us