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Globe Unity Orchestra - 1977 - Jahrmarkt

Globe Unity Orchestra 

01. Jahrmarkt 23:28
02. Local Fair 21:02

Alto Saxophone – Anthony Braxton
Saw [Musical Saw] – Paul Lovens
Tenor Saxophone – Peter Brötzmann
Trombone – Albert Mangelsdorff
Trumpet – Enrico Rava

Accordion – Artur Beck, Birgit Reitz, Dirk Heinen, Ewald Wirths, Gabriele Joest, Hans Eikermann, Hans-Peter Fresen, Harald Pauli, Heinz Neyen, Horst Stark (2), Jörg Stepputat, Klaus Bächler, Klaus Krapp, Martina Apfelbaum, Martina Joest, Monika Lusebrink, Peter Eikermann, Rosemarie Spormann, Ursula Gruner, Ursula Göge, Ursula Saale, Wolfgang Gries, Wolfgang Göge, Wolfgang Weckelmann
Alto Saxophone – Bernhard Kleinert
Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone – Peter Brötzmann
Clarinet – Hans-Peter Krummenauer, Vangelis Zikas
Clarinet, Alto Saxophone – Theo Powiton
Drums – Peter Spormann, Vassilis Zikas
Electric Bass – Manfred Gruner
Guitar – Alekos Zagoras, Rolf Schmitz, Werner Orf
Horns [Alpine] – Günter Christmann, Paul Rutherford
Horns [Tenor] – Hugo Dönch, Kurt Dönch
Trumpet – Friedel Kolb
Accordion – Harald Heinz
Oboe – Hans Möllmann
Organ [Barrel] – Willi Hengstenberg
Tenor Saxophone – Helmut Griesbeck
Trombone – Josef Gallitelli
Trumpet – Friedel Hettrich, Heinz Maurer, Karl Wadenbach, Karl-Heinz Bilewski, Klaus Striebe, Lothar Wagener, Manfred Schoof, Vito Gallitelli
Tuba – Jochen Windgassen
Vocals, Guitar – Spiros Papandreou

Jahrmarkt recorded November 27, 1975 at the Südwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden during the New Jazz Meeting: 10 Years of Globe Unity Orchestra.
Local Fair recorded live open-air June 5, 1976 in Wuppertal during the 4. Wuppertaler Free Jazz Workshop.

Here we find bassist Peter Kowald's large ensemble investigating matters of an Ivesian nature. The first of the two side-long compositions involves the deployment of 15 musicians throughout a recording studio in various configurations playing some loosely organized thematic material, freely improvising and interspersing various canonical material from Sousa to Monk. It's an all-star cast that includes Anthony Braxton, Evan Parker and Peter Brotzmann and they kick up quite a storm from the raging Machine Gun-like opening salvo through some fleet trombone multiphonics (presumably from Albert Mangelsdorff) to a subdued gasp of an ending. For the second piece, Kowald opted to literally take it to the streets and apparently invited every musician in Wuppertal (as well as a number of non-musicians) to participate. So in addition to the regular Globe Unity personnel, we have a 17-piece brass band, a Greek bouzouki quartet and Wupperspatzen - a 30-piece accordion ensemble. Chaos ensues. Performed and recorded in the town square, one has the dizzying impression of wandering through a space where the local bureaucracy made a horrible error and no one wants to budge. So you have a schmaltzy brass band butting heads with free jazzers while sidestepping the advancing accordion army and trying to ignore that raucous Greek clarinet player. Loads of fun in the best tradition of free music wackiness.

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