Wednesday, February 1, 2017

George Russell - 1970 - Othello Ballet Suite Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1

George Russell 
Othello Ballet Suite  Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1

01. Othello Ballet Suite (Part I) 17:45
02. Othello Ballet Suite (Part II) 11:30
03. Electronic Organ Sonata No. 1 14:00

Alto Saxophone – Arne Domnerus
Drums – Jon Christensen
Orchestra – The Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Tenor Saxophone – Bernt Rosengren, Jan Garbarek
Trumpet – Rolf Eriksson
Organ [Church Organ] – George Russell

Othello was recorded November 3/4, 1967 at the studios of Radio Sweden in Stockholm.
The basic material for Electronic Organ Sonata was recorded October 1, 1968 on the grand church organ of Grorud Church, Oslo.
Technical work and final assemblage was performed in the electronic music studios of Radio Sweden.

George Russell's stepping quite far out from his earlier work here – recording in Scandinavia in the late 60s, with some very trippy effects! The album is dominated by the two-part "Othello Ballet Suite" – recorded in Stockholm in 1967 with a group that includes Rolf Ericksson on trumpet, Bertn Rosengren on tenor, and Arne Domnerus on alto – and the sound is a mixture of relatively free and out playing, with a few passages that snap into more of a swinging approach. The "Electronic Organ Sonata No 1" was recorded in Oslo in 1968, and features Russell improvising on the organ of a church. It's a very strange number – but one with a wonderful otherworldly feel!

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