Thursday, February 23, 2017

Gary Burton - 1968 - A Genuine Tong Funeral

Gary Burton 
A Genuine Tong Funeral

01. The Opening; Interlude (Shovels); The Survivors; Grave Train
02. Death Rolls
03. Morning - Part One
04. Interlude: "Lament"; Intermission Music
05. Silent Spring
06. Fanfare; Mother Of The Dead Man
07. Some Dirge
08. Morning - Part Two
09. The New Funeral March
10. The New National Anthem; The Survivors

Bass – Steve Swallow
Drums – Lonesome Dragon
Guitar – Larry Coryell
Piano, Organ, Conductor – Carla Bley
Soprano Saxophone – Steve Lacy
Tenor Saxophone – Leandro "Gato" Barbieri
Trombone, Trombone [Bass] – Jimmy Knepper
Trumpet – Mike Mantler
Tuba, Saxophone [Barytone] – Howard Johnson
Vibraphone – Gary Burton

One of vibraphonist Gary Burton's most intriguing recordings, A Genuine Tong Funeral (Carla Bley's suite which musically depicts attitudes toward death) was called by its composer a "Dark Opera Without Words." Burton's classic Quartet (which also includes guitarist Larry Coryell, bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bob Moses) is augmented by six notable all-stars: soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy, trumpeter Mike Mantler, Gato Barbieri on tenor, trombonist Jimmy Knepper, Howard Johnson on tuba and baritone and Bley herself on piano and organ. The music is dramatic, occasionally a little humorous, and a superb showcase for Gary Burton's vibes.

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