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Clifford Thornton - 1972 - Communications Network

Clifford Thornton 
Communications Network

01. Communications Network Part 1 11:46
02. Communications Network Part 2 5:29
03. Festivals And Funerals 24:45

Bass – Andy Gonzales (tracks: B), Sirone (tracks: A1, A2)
Congas, Percussion – Jerry Gonzales (tracks: B), Vincent George (tracks: B)
Cornet – Clifford Thornton
Electric Piano – Clifford Thornton (tracks: A1, A2)
Percussion – Jerome Cooper (tracks: A1, A2)
Saxophone [Soprano] – Nathan Davis (tracks: B)
Timbales, Percussion – Nicky Marrero (tracks: B)
Vibraphone – Jay Hoggard (tracks: B)
Violin – Lakshinarayana Shankar (tracks: A1, A2)
Voice [Poet] – Jayne Cortez (tracks: B)

Side A recorded on Jan. 22, 1972, ABC Stage City, New York.
Side B recorded on April 17, 1972, festival African American Music.

Here's a something that whilst worthy of a listen is perhaps not the best place to start with this particular artist, it's uneven but nonetheless has a few great moments.
Side 2 ,which is basically an accompaniment to Jayne Cortez's poetry conveys a fairly pervasive impression that this is indeed one of Thornton's weaker efforts.
that impression being reinforced largely by the fact of the low budget/ very poor engineering... in all honesty it has to be said that this is flabby in comparison to most of the relatively few other Thornton albums... it'seasy to hear why it hasnt been reissued.

Side one meanders a bit, though the recording quality is fine...and it does afford a glimpse of the great Karnatic master violinist L Shankar playing with Thornton and crew.

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