Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Buddy Terry - 1971 - Awareness

Buddy Terry 

01. Awareness (Suite) (10:49)
Humility (Trio ForTwo Bassists And Tenor)
02. Kamili 8:00
03. Stealin' Gold 7:04
04. Sodom And Gomorrah 12:06
05. Abscretions 4:49

Buddy Terry - tenor sax, soprano sax, flute, percussion
Cecil Bridgewater - trumpet, percussion
Stanley Cowell - acoustic piano, Fender electric piano
Buster Williams - acoustic bass, electric bass
Victor Gaskin - acoustic bass, electric bass, percussion
Mickey Roker - drums
Mtume - conga drums
Roland Prince - electric guitar

Awareness teams Buddy Terry with an all-star cast including trumpeter Cecil Bridgewater, pianist Stanley Cowell and percussionist Mtume to forge a far-reaching, audaciously free spiritual jazz suite far removed from the signature Mainstream label aesthetic. Terry moves from soprano to tenor to flute and back again, exemplifying the soul-searching restlessness of his music--at the same time, the individual players fuse seamlessly, channeling the righteous fury of Terry's vision to create a coherent, deeply righteous whole.