Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Guess Who - 1971 - So Long Bannatyne

The Guess Who
So Long Bannatyne

01. Rain Dance 2:45
02. She Might Have Been A Nice Girl 3:13
03. Goin' A Little Crazy 6:59
04. Fiddlin' 1:06
05. Pain Train 3:45
06. One Divided 2:38
07. Grey Day 4:16
08. Life In The Bloodstream 3:10
09. One Man Army 3:55
10. Sour Suite 4:06
11. So Long Bannatyne 5:55

Burton Cummings - piano, lead vocals, saxophone
Greg Leskiw - guitar, backing vocals, banjo
Kurt Winter - guitar, backing vocals
Jim Kale - bass
Garry Peterson - drums, backing vocals

Produced by Jack Richardson, So Long, Bannatyne was recorded by the Guess Who in a two-week stint in June of 1971. With guitarists Kurt Winter and Greg Leskiw on board, the album opened well with “Rain Dance” and the perceptive “She Might Have Been a Nice Girl,” but then fell into a kind of disjointed, dispirited, and rather exhausted-sounding mishmash of underdeveloped songs. . The album was reissued in the digital era with the March 1971 single “Albert Flasher” b/w “Broken” included as bonus tracks, which lifted things considerably, allowing the sequence to end as strongly as it begins. In retrospect, So Long, Bannatyne wasn’t a disaster, but it didn’t move the band forward either, and it still seems, all these years later, like an underrealized release that’s short on memorable songs.

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