Friday, November 11, 2016

Angel Rada - 1985 - Solar Concert For Bhagavan

Angel Rada
Solar Concert For Bhagavan

01. Deep Sunrise
02. Millenium
03. Pegasus (Night Flight Over Tokyo)
04. I Ching
05. Shangri-La

Lacquer Cut By – Lucy García
Producer – Angel Rada

Synthesizer, Keyboards, Vocoder, Electronic Drums – Angel Rada

Recorded & Mixed at Uraniun Records (Caracas)

Angel Rada is a mythical Venezuelan master of electronics. He is one of the only people from his country to create electronic music since the seventies. He even played in some of the best psychedelic groups from the sixties in Venezuela like (The) Gas Light (great name for a Venezuelan group). As a sonology student he went to study in Germany where he got acquainted with the Kosmische Krautrock legends from that time like Ash Ra and Klaus Schulze. Shortly after he produced the legendary first album Upadesa (please listen to that masterpiece).

This was Angel Rada's third album and as the title tells us it's a concert for Bhagavan. This is very much overlooked and put in the realms of New Age electronical music. The cover doesn't uncover the musical beauty that is hidden on this vinyl. Sure it could be viewed as an early example of New Age music but it totally exceeds that genre. What's present here is a tropical electronic masterpiece.

The music is based upon analog synthesizers and even energetic drum computers. It sounds like Sun Ra jamming along on one of the more cosmic songs of NDW legends Stratis/39 Eyes while the studio engineer was Innovative Communications' Clara Mondshine all set in the Caribbean. But ofcourse, Angel Rada is one of a kind and doesn't sound like any other artist. He has found a way to blend the Venezuelan feeling into beautiful pieces of electronic music in which a lot of emotions are invoked. The first two tracks are combined into a cosmic piece in which cosmic melodies suddenly start to interact with an analog drumbeat elevating the song into cosmic dance music. The song Pegasus (Night Flight Over Tokyo) is an example of pure emotion through cold analog machines.In the third song called I Ching the poem I King by Argentinian author Jorge Luis Borges is recited in Spanish over cosmic synthesizer music accompanied by a vocoder. This is an overlooked South American masterpiece.

¡Señor Rada! ¡Usted es grande! ¡Muchisimas Gracias!

Highly Recommended

Angel Rada - 1979 - Upadesa

Angel Rada 

01. Carrillon
02. Basheeba
03. Asesinato Musical
04. Video Game
05. Panico A Las 5 A.M.
06. Mar De La Tristeza
07. Upadesa

Acoustic Guitar – Carlos Urzua
Sequenced By – Angel Rada
Synthesizer – Angel Rada

Dedicated To Klaus Schulze & Arturo Camero.

Angel Rada was born in La Habana Cuba October 9, 1948 and brought to Venezuela when he was one year old. In 1970 he plays keyboards for the Venezuelan band "Gas Light" releasing some singles and original music for a movie. He studied in German Friederiann Universitat in Munich Germany in 1973 and studied Electronic Music at The Musik Hochschule in Munich around 1978

Astounding and utterly obscure instrumental avant synth confections that could easily pass as prime era Sky Records fodder but cut with a wooly enveloping amorphousness that favorably compares with library music synth god Bernard Fevre. Often rather like listening to Zuckerzeit-era Cluster or Tyndall thorough a film of narcotic purple syrup, this treasure's been on virtual repeat play for the last week here at casa Lumbleau, and it's spell over me doesn't look to be abating anytime soon...