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Budgie - 2006 - You're All Living In Cuckooland

You're All Living In Cuckooland

01. Justice (4:31)
02. Dead Men Don't Talk (6:08)
03. We're All Living In Cuckooland (6:04)
04. Falling (5:22)
05. Love Is Enough (2:25)
06. Tell Me Tell Me (4:47)
07. (Don't Want To) Find That Girl (6:28)
08. Captain (3:43)
09. I Don't Want To Throw You (5:31)
10. I'm Compressing The Comb On A Cockerel's Head (8:17)

- Burke Shelley / vocals, bass
- Simon Lees / guitar
- Steve Williams / drums

Apart from sporadic live appearances (mostly in Europe), little was heard from U.K. Sabbath worshipers, Budgie, since their last studio album, 1982's Deliver Us from Evil. But as any well-versed metalhead knows by now, the group received a major profile boost when Metallica covered a few of their songs over the years. Suddenly, a whole new generation of headbangers took notice. While it would have made more sense for the group to have issued a follow-up to Evil during the late '80s (when Metallica was going "Budgie cover happy"), 2006 finally saw the release of an all-new Budgie studio set, You're All Living in Cuckooland. Singer/bassist Burke Shelley is the lone original bandmember left in attendance by this point, and while his unmistakable singing style and the group's trademark mega-heavy riffs remain, rather odd production techniques abound. It's as if the group attempted to updated their sound for the times, but the "times" that it reflects are the late '80s, especially on such tracks as the album-opening "Justice" and "Dead Men Don't Talk." However, there are some classic Budgie moments, such as the quiet-loud-quiet "Tell Me Tell Me," which harkens back to such early Budgie gems as "Everything in My Heart" and "Rolling Home Again." Despite the detectable Van Halen/Iron Maiden-esque sounds, You're All Living in Cuckooland is worthy of any longtime Budgie fan's time.

Budgie - 2005 - Radio Sessions 1974 & 1978

Radio Sessions 1974 & 1978

London 1974
101. Breadfan
102. You Are The Best Thing Since Powdered Milk
103. Hammer And Tongs
104. Zoom Club
105. Parents
106. Rocking Man

Los Angeles 1978
201. Melt The Ice Away
202. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitters Hand
203. Smile Boy Smile
204. In For The Kill / You Are The Best Thing Since Powdered Milk
205. Love For You And Me
206. Parents
207. Who Do You Want For Your Love
208. Don't Dilute The Water
209. Breaking All The House Rules
210. Breadfan

Bass, Vocals – Burke Shelley
Drums – Pete Boot (tracks: 1-01 to 1-06), Steve Williams (37) (tracks: 2-01 to 2-10)
Guitar [Lead], Vocals – Tony Bourge
Guitar [Rhythm] – Myf Isaac (tracks: 2-01 to 2-10)

Disc 1 recorded live at Global Village, London, UK, on March 9th 1974
Disc 2 recorded live at A&M Recording Studios, Los Angeles, US, on April 30th 1978

I bought the old "Heavier Than Air / Rarest Eggs" release some time ago and wasn't sure whether to buy this one to get the few extra 1974 tracks - I'm very glad I did. The 1978 gig serves as the live album Budgie never released at the time - a well recorded great performance which no Budgie afficionado could be disappointed by, other than missing the odd classic tune such as 'Napoleon' (and 'Breaking All the House Rules' taking a slightly over-enthusiastic tempo). Being 'remastered' has not made a revolutionary change in sound compared to the previous release.

The 1974 tracks sound much better than the two tracks included on the earlier CD. The recording meets the quality of a very good bootleg: it's from a good desk mix but is hissy and with occasional tape dropout. This latter causes the odd unscheduled drift in panning & the occasional increase in background noise. There are fades in the applause and announcements between some tracks and 'Hammer and Tongs' fades just before the end. However, it's a fantastic performance, it flows from track to track and has real atmosphere and energy: I'm more than delighted I bought it.

Budgie - 2004 - The Last Stage

The Last Stage 

01. Love Is When You Love
02. House Of A Sinner
03. Same Old Sad Affair
04. Signed Your Own Fate
05. Hard Luck
06. Living With Another Man
07. You Ain't Got Love
08. Renegade
09. Sweet Fast Talker
10. Wait Till Tomorrow
11. Rock Your Blood
12. Nutbush City Limits
13. Can't Get Up In The Morning
14. Heaven In Your Eyes
15. Picture On A Screen
16. Victim

Bass, Vocals – Burke Shelley
Drums – Steve Williams (37)
Engineer – Dave Charles, Pat Moran, Simon Dawson
Guitar, Vocals – John Thomas (6) (tracks: 1 to 12 & 14 to 16), Rob Kendrick (tracks: 13)

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 recorded at Woodside Studios in March 1983
Track 4 recorded in 1980
Tracks 7, 8 & 9 recorded in 1983
Tracks 10, 11 & 14 recorded in 1984
Track 12 recorded at Rockfield Studios in 1980
Track 13 recorded at Rockfield Studios in 1979
Tracks 15 & 16 recorded in 1985

A Black Sabbath fan and good friend of mine always had a theory that Budgie missed out on the sales and success of Black Sabbath (who sometimes had a similar sound – tight but sludgy guitars, falsetto singer – and who shared with Budgie the services of legendary producer Rodger Bain) because, looks-wise, Sabbath had medieval castles, graveyards and spooky crosses in their album art, while Budgie went with Roger Dean and that cute li’l parakeet.
In other words, Budgie neglected certain trappings of serious bad ass-ism (scowling, strutting, shirtlessness and pyrotechnics) in favor of monster rock riffs and finely-crafted psychedelia. Not that they don’t have a loyal following, but when you peer through the coke-bottle lenses of Burke Shelley’s proto-nerdcore spectacles, it’s easy to reach the conclusion that these guys weren’t overly image-conscious. (I mean, look at ‘em. They’re just having fun playing music. That’ll never do.)

If you’re not into the hard rock, it can difficult to explain what’s so charming about Budgie. They aren’t over-the-top or chaotic sounding (their songs are sometimes absurdly mannered and precise) or emotionally distraught like metallish bands are “supposed” to sound. They make a “big” noise that somehow seems like it’s trapped in a small, dark room. They easily slip into sweet, folksy, pretty interludes – check out “Rolling Home Again” from the second LP – that might alienate a few Judas Priest fans (the two bands toured together in the early days). There’s a humble, wry sense of humor in the lyrics that imply it’s not to be taken all that seriously.
But man, what riffage! (is that a word?) When guitar demigod Tony Bourge started chugging out one of his stadium-ready hooks, and drummer Ray Phillips dictated a slow, heavy groove, it’s too much trouble to fight the rhythm. Go with it. Somehow, the combination just works.

A new three-man lineup of those spry young whippersnappers is now gigging again, and of course they have a website. Marvel at the photos showing how well they’ve physically held up, compared to the shuffling, jiving walking corpses of most of their contemporaries.
By the dawn of the '80s, the veteran British metal trio Budgie had experienced a career boost, thanks to the rise of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, and subsequently, a sudden mass appreciation of all things metal. As a result, the group signed a deal with RCA, and issued such titles as 1981's 'Nightflight' and 1982's 'Deliver Us From Evil'
However, not all went well in the budgie cage during the late 80's and the band consisting of Shelley, Thomas and Jim Simpson decided to call it a day in 1988.

But it's a little-known fact that the group intended on putting together a third album for RCA, going as far as recording over an album's worth of tunes that went unreleased until now. Titled 'Last Stage' this 16-track set focuses solely on this latter day era (1979-1985, to be exact), right before the plug was pulled.
'The Last Stage' is a compilation of demo and session material that never made it onto any albums, due to record label hassles and the eventual break-up of Budgie in the late-80's. But don't get turned off by the prospect of a collection of demos. These songs could have easily been released as an album. As a matter of fact, it is downright depressing that the public never heard this material until 20 years after it was recorded. There is a strong chance that many of these songs may have been hits for Budgie had they been released. Despite the fact that these songs were only demos, they are far better than the finished albums of many other bands!
This era shows Budgie further experimenting with blending pop hooks with their updated New Wave of British Heavy Metal-ish/hard rock sound (i.e. "Power Supply", "Night Flights", "Deliver Us From Evil" LP's), while still incorporating the occassional funk/jazz elements which keep you guessing. John Thomas' guitar work on these tunes is amazing and top-notch. Just check out the torrential soloing on amazing hard rock tunes "House of the Sinner" or "Sweet Fast Talker".
Burke Shelley's voice is at it's best as well, and these tracks really demonstrate just how dynamic he really was. In my opinion, songs like "Signed You Own Fate", "Renegade", "Hard Luck", "Same Old Sad Affair" are just as good as their earlier material.
Now as a warning, if you are expecting a rehash of LP's like "Squawk" or "Never Trust A Friend", you may be disappointed. But if you enjoyed "Bandolier" and everything which followed it, particularly "Power Supply", "Night Flights" and "Deliver Us...", you will be pleasantly surprised by how great this collection is. At first glance when I got "The Last Stage" in the mail, I got kind of worried and thought 'just how good can a collection of demos be'?
The answer: absolutely amazing. Hell, what else is there to expect from a band like Budgie. So get a hold of this disc, get high, crank it up, and have your mind blown by a collection of tunes which really should have been released years ago! Rock Your Blood, man!
Although unfinished works ( in the sense that they are not final polished studio mixes) the first few tracks are outstanding and as good if not better songs than anything from 'Power Supply', 'Nightflight' or 'Deliver Us From Evil' albums.
The sound quality is very good still, and it baffles me that RCA dropped the band as these tracks show a band on form and as good as ever! It's criminal this didn't come out at the time. There was another track that was supposedly meant to be on the album, it was called "Beautiful Lies", unfortunately it never made it to "The Last Stage" so I have added it here as a bonus track.
Ok, a few of the tracks are a bit raw and unpolished, but the songwriting is first rate, and the playing is top notch, as has always been the case with one of the worlds great under rated hard rock acts. This is an essential album for any hard core Budgie fans (like yours truly !)

Budgie - 2004 - The BBC Recordings

The BBC Recordings

In Concert Paris Theatre 19.10.1972
101. Rape Of The Locks
102. Rocking Man
103. Young Is A World
104. Hot As A Dockers Armpit
Reading Festival 1980
105. Breaking All The House Rules
106. Crime Against The World
107. Napoleon Bona Part 1 & 2
108. Forearm Smash
109. Panzer Division Destroyed
110. Wildfire
111. Breadfan (Lost Edit Not Transmitted)

John Peel Show 1.7.1976
201. Sky High Percentage
202. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitters Hand
Friday Rock Show 18.12.1981
203. I Turned To Stone
204. Supestar
205. She Used Me Up
Reading Festival 1982
206. Forearm Smash
207. Crime Against The World
208. I Turned To Stone
209. Truth Drug (Not Transmitted)
210. Superstar
211. She Used Me Up
212. Panzer Division Destroyed

Bass, Vocals – Burke Shelley
Drums – Ray Phillips (tracks: 1-01 to 1-04), Steve Williams (37) (tracks: 1-05 to 2-12)
Guitar – Tony Bourge (tracks: 1-01 to 1-04 and 2-01 and 2-02)
Guitar [Rhythm] – Myf Isaac (tracks: 2-01 and 2-02)
Guitar, Vocals – John Thomas (6) (tracks: 1-05 to 1-11 and 2-06 to 2-12)
Keyboards – Lindsay Bridgewater (tracks: 2-08 and 2-09)

Tracks 1-01 to 1-04 recorded live at Paris Theatre, London, UK, on November 19th 1972, for BBC Radio One's 'In Concert'
Tracks 1-05 to 1-11 recorded live at Reading Festival, Reading, UK, on August 24th 1980 and originally broadcast on BBC Radio One
Tracks 2-01 and 2-02 recorded live at Maida Vale Studio 4, London, UK, on July 1st 1976, for BBC Radio One's 'John Peel Show'
Tracks 2-03 to 2-05 recorded live at Maida Vale Studio 4, London, UK, on December 18th 1981 for BBC Radio One's 'Friday Rock Show Session'
Tracks 2-06 to 2-12 recorded live at Reading Festival, Reading, UK, on August 27th 1982 and originally broadcast on BBC Radio One

Featuring portions of the earlier Heavier Than Air collection (plus a pair of Reading Festival appearances with great performances but dodgy sound quality), The BBC Recordings catches Welsh metallurgists Budgie at three very distinct phases of their development -- at the outset of their career, in 1972, when their self-titled debut album was still alerting discerning listeners to the sheer ambition and power of their presence; in 1976, by which time their original hyperactivity had settled down into a stock, but still exciting, formula; and in the early '80s, with the band reborn on the wings of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. There they were regarded with an awe and respect that had rarely come their way in earlier years, and Budgie responded with some of their heaviest (if not necessarily inventive) material yet, and three songs from a Friday Rock Show performance can still shatter speakers.

Budgie - 2002 - Life In San Antonio

Life In San Antonio

01. Crime Against the World (5:58)
02. Melt the Ice Away (4:01)
03. Gunslinger (5:41)
04. Panzer Division Destroyed (6:26)
05. I Turned to Stone (6:23)
06. Black Velvet Stallion (6:59)
07. In for the Kill/Rape of the Locks/Guts (7:45)
08. Breaking All the House Rules (3:04)
09. Zoom Club (6:15)
10. Napoleon Bona (Parts: 1 and 2) (7:33)
11. Wildfire (7:25)
12. Breadfan/Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman (7:53)

- Burke Shelley / bass, vocals
- Andy Hart / guitar, vocals
- Steve Syco Steve Williams / percussion, drums

Additional Personnel:
- Paul Cox / percussion

Cardiff heavy metal titans BUDGIE return with a barnstorming new album after a hiatus of some two decades.
Spaceman bassman Burke Shelley & co despatch a frenetic, energetically well paced greatest hits set to a crazed crowd of rabid Texan fruitcakes!
This atmospheric in concert CD is a good representation of what to expect at a BUDGIE live show - dynamic, explosive heavy metal, delivered with punch - but also with a keen sense of humour.
The album also acts as a nice memento of the all-too-brief period in 2002 when Andy Hart wielded the axe. The former Joe Brown & the Bruvvers (whaaat?) guitarist churns out killer riffs n'tasty frills & fills with minimal fuss and zero pomposity throughout.
Walloping walrus drummer Steve Williams has been underrated for waaay too long - check out his performance here - the sheer stamina and power exherted on those skins! Mercy!
Neckache is most certainly guaranteed, pop pickers, particularly on early classics such as Napoleon, Breadfan, Melt The Ice Away and the teasing medley of In For The Kill/Rape Of The Locks and Guts.
Amazingly heavy stuff ... and original, too.
So if ever you've wondered where the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden and Soundgarden got their chops, check out this disc - it's a seventy-odd minute lesson in the art of the dispensation of apocalyptic heavy metal.
And don't forget - this spellbinding power trio (now joined by Simon Lees on lead guitar) are still out there rockin' and need your support out on the road!
See you down the front ...

Budgie - 1998 - We Came, We Saw...(Live Reading Festival)

We Came, We Saw...(Live Reading Festival)

101. Breaking All The House Rules
102. Crime Againts The World
103. Napoleon Bona Part One And Part Two
104. Forearm Smash
105. Panzer Division Destroyed!
106. Wildfire
107. Breadfan(Lost Edit, Not Transmitted!)

201. Forearm Smash
202. Crime Againts The World
203. I Turned To Stone
204. Truth Drug
205. Superstar
206. She Used Me Up
207. Panzer Division Destroyed!

Live At Reading 1980 & 1982

- Burke Shelley / Vocals, Bass
- Steve Williams / drums
- John Thomas /guitars

It is what it says, and it is my favorite period of live Budgie... missing track 2 cd 1 coz it wont rip properly.. so if any help could be provided..

Budgie - 1998 - Heavier Than Air Rarest Eggs

Heavier Than Air Rarest Eggs - Various Live Radio Sessions

BBC In Concert at the Paris Theatre. 19/10/1972.
101. Rape Of The Locks
102. Rocking Man
103. Young Is A World
104. Hot As A Docker's Armpit
105. Recorded in 1976
106. Sky High Percentage
107. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand

Friday Rock Show, 18/12/1981.
108. I Turned To Stone
109. Superstar
110. She Used Me Up

John Peel Show, 25/2/1972.
111. The Author
112. Whiskey River
113. Nude Disintegrating Parachutist Woman

Recorded live at the Global Village, London, UK, 9/3/1974.
201. Breadfan
202. You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk

Recorded live in Los Angeles, USA, 3/7/1978.
203. Melt The Ice Away
204. In The Grip Of A Tyrefitter's Hand
205. Smile Boy Smile
206. In For The Kill / You're The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk
207. Love For You And Me
208. Parents
209. Who Do You Want For You're Love
210. Don't Dilute The Water
211. Breaking All The House Rules
212. Breadfan

Bass, Vocals, Written-By – Burke Shelley
Drums – Ray Phillips (tracks: 1-1 to 1-4, 1-10 to 2-2), Steve Williams (37) (tracks: 1-5 to 1-9, 2-3 to 2-12)
Guitar – Myfyr Isaac (tracks: 1-5, 1-6, 2-3 to 2-12), Tony Bourge (tracks: 1-1 to 1-6, 1-10 to 2-12)
Guitar, Written-By – John Thomas (6) (tracks: 1-7 to 1-9)

Budgie isn't a prog band, everybody knows it. It isn't a prog related band too. I really can't mention any more or less objective reason to get this wonderful HARD ROCK group here in PA. But here they are, so I just want to add my opinion about them, at least to help the unprepared to avoid a shock when listening to them.

Budgie's music is classic 70's hard-heavy rock. The singer Burke Shelley can sound to the novice as a Geddy Lee clone, but he came first. Good, large riffs, nice solos and a tight rhytmic session are others hard rock marks in what Budgie excels most of its peers.

This collection is composed by BBC sessions, outtakes and related material. The raw energy of the band alive is almost touchable thru the radio waves - those were the days. There's a couple of personnel changes in the middle sessions (drummer Ray Phillips out) and in the late ones (Tony Burge). This last change was a hard punch and the group soon quit, only to regroup in the nineties with just singer/bassist Shelley from the classic line-up.

If you like hard rock, go without fear. If you expect any progginess I think you should try another band - unless Parents and the middle of Breadfan deceive you about Budgie's merits in this field.

Final comment: to be honest this is the best Budgie collection I have ever met. The only track I miss is their final gem Panzer Division destroyed. If you can find it at a reasonable price (as I did) buy it without hesitation. If you can't try another way, but you can't miss this babe if you're into hard rock.

Budgie - 1982 - Deliver Us From Evil

Deliver Us From Evil 

01. Bored With Russia (3:49)
02. Don't Cry (3:19)
03. Truth Drug (4:23)
04. Young Girl (2:17)
05. Flowers In The Attic (5:12)
06. N.O.R.A.D. (Doomsday City) (4:15)
07. Give Me The Truth (4:11)
08. Alison (3:26)
09. Finger On The Button (3:59)
10. Hold On To Love (4:16)

11. Bored With Russia (Single Edit)
12. Truth Drug (Live (1982)
13. Flowers In The Attic (1983)

- Burke Shelley / vocals, bass
- John Thomas / guitar
- Steve Williams / drums
Also includes:
- Duncan McKay / Keyboards

Budgie. One of the most underrated among hard rocking and heavy metal bands on this planet. "Deliver Us from Evil" had been their last effort before the project was on hiatus for more than two decades? The album starts with a solid rocker "Bored With Russia" and this is a promising opener. Unfortunately next three tracks are of very poor musical quality. The band seem to try to follow NWOBHM standards, however, they are far behind Iron Maiden, Leppard and Saxon (to name a few) abilities to produce at least decent tracks. I would say, a relegation zone of the second division regarding NWOBHM at that time. The last song of the 1st side of the Lp is much better though; "Flowers in the Attic", a nice tune, comparable to "Bored With Russia". The second side of the vinyl is somewhat better. "N.O.R.A.D.", one of my favourite ones on the album. "Give Me The Truth" and "Finger On The Button" are poor again and easily forgotten. "Alison" is a quite controversial one for Budgie, more a pop song than a power ballad. Personally, I like it, and, surprise, surprise? I can hear a bit of John Lennon in it (hence his name at the back of the cover?). And finally, another Budgie classic and absolutely epic one ? "Hold On To Love". Fast pace reminds me a bit "Hard Loving Man" of Deep Purple. I hesitated between two and three stars for the album. Eventually for I am a fan of the Welsh trio I tipped the scale toward three stars. I am very pleased to add, that there is a short text at the back of the cover in Polish. "We would like to thank veeeeeeeery much to those in poland who came to see us live. You are the best audience we have ever played for. Budgie." The band was nearly as popular as Black Sabbath in my country (Yes, I am Polish). Why? There was no regular record market behind the iron curtain and courtesy of Piotr Kaczkowski, a radio DJ, me and legions of rock fans are familiar with the impressing flight of Welsh budgies.

Budgie - 1981 - Nightflight


01. I Turned To Stone 6:11
02. Keeping A Rendezvous 3:46
03. Reaper Of The Glory 3:51
04. She Used Me Up 3:18
05. Don't Lay Down And Die 3:36
06. Apparatus 2:53
07. Superstar 3:29
08. Change Your Ways 4:22
09. Untitled Lullaby 1:21

10. She Used Me Up (Live 1981) 3:03
11. Superstar (Live 1981) 3:55

- John Thomas/ guitars
- Steve Williams / drums
- Burke Shelley/ Bass Vocals

Flying in on the wind of change in 1981 along with the NWOBHM they made a huge impact with this album Nightflight and rightly so - it is one of the classic albums of the 80's for its breathtaking musicality and prescence - and it really rocks! Listening to the album today the album is exciting, rich, packs plenty of punch and the sound quality is pristine - the album is long overdue for reissue on remastered CD, though vinyl copies can still be found easily.

The songs are all gems, even though my judgement is coloured as the memories from an extremely turbulent but exciting period of my life returns...the first track on side one Turn To Stone is especially guilty of this, the opening arpeggio guitar notes are guaranteed to make you tingle as they waft out of the speakers, building into killer riffs, crashing drums and an infectious melody, powered with galloping bursts of crashing cymbals supporting melancholy, but uplifting lyrics. The song fades off then ends in a reprise featuring solid drums from Steve Williams and a great hammer-on guitar solo, classic playing from John Thomas.

Keeping a Rendezvous has a regular stomping beat and features another great guitar solo, this excellent song was unsurprisingly issued as a single. Another very solid performance on Reaper and the Glory, an infectious shuffle beat drives this song, vocals and bass from Burke Shelley are consistent and powerful, classic rock!

She Used Me Up contains some classic cliched heavy rock lyrics about being- used-and -going-round-town- with- another-guy- i'm-down-on-the-ground but works beautifully, even contains some classic Sabbath sounding riffs which fit in very well.

Side two kicks off with the boogie style Don't Lay Down and Die, followed by another album highlight Apparatus which was released as the B side of the Rendezvous single, another very good song which starts with a ballad style arpeggio which breaks into a moderately paced rocker with some powerful drumming. The faster paced Superstar has a very infectious riff driven along with a stomping beat, the vocals fitting in with slightly offbeat timing which works perfectly.

Change Your Ways follows the clean stomping style of the album but could possibly be the weakest song on the album if you could find one, but contains some nice slide work on the guitar. Untitled Lullaby, a short instrumental piece, rounds the proceedings off in atmospheric style, with sweeping winds and metallic sounding acoustic guitar - shame the track is so short when you are expecting an epic finish but overall an excellent rock album, unfortunately one which seems to remain an almost forgotten classic.

Budgie - 1980 - Power Supply

Power Supply

01. Forearm Smash
02. Hellbender
03. Heavy Revolution
04. Gunslinger
05. Power Supply
06. Secrets in My Head
07. Time to Remember
08. Crime Against the World

09. Crime Against The World (Single Edit) 3:27
10. Gunslinger (Live 1981) 4:55
11. Crime Against The World (Live 1981) 4:52

- Burke Shelley / Vocals, Bass
- Steve Williams / drums
- John Thomas /guitars

With 1980's heavy metal onslaught Power Supply, Budgie stamp their authority on the new, expansive, highly competitive heavy metal scene of the early to mid eighties in an riveting and exciting way that left a lot of those other bands eating their dust. This album is just about the heaviest the band would ever produce, and leaves no doubt to the listener that this band just wouldn't die, and could still hang tough and create music that still mattered.
From the opening chords of Forearm Smash to the end of Crime Against The World, for me, this record gets to the heart of what made metal something not to be ignored, and must have been great music to hear live, like maybe at Budgie's first headlining gig at the 1980 Reading Festival, where they went down fantastically, and were supporting Power Supply at the time.

At the time of Power Supply's release, as an adolescent living in Cuba, i had no way of getting to Reading, but this album has such an almost live sounding freshness and excitement to it, well, it is like being there, really. Alas, things were to change with their subsequent two studio albums, both good efforts, but not quite Power Supply. Well, what really was?

If you are looking for more progressive leanings, try elsewhere, like Impeckable or If I We're Britannia, I'd Waive The Rules, but if you want something heavy and in your face, but refreshingly positive in the same breath, this record is for you.