Sunday, December 11, 2016

Man - 1975 - Maximum Darkness

Maximum Darkness

01. 7171-551 (11:17)
02. Codeine (7:45)
03. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (6:19)
04. Many Are Called, But Few Get Up (13:42)
05. Bananas (11:09)

- Micky Jones / guitar, vocals
- Deke Leonard / guitar, piano, vocals
- John Cipollina / guitar
- Martin Ace / bass, vocals
- Terry Williams / drums, vocals

Live albums have always been hit and miss I think. I always think that we have not enough of them (in Man's case we are graced with plenty) There are a few cases where live releases are among a bands best (The Who and Deep Purple spring to mind) and this is no exception. Recorded during a tour that featured John Cipollina from west coast Quicksilver Messenger Service (Man's idols). For a start, the sound quality is amazing. It's crystal clear and all instruments balance out well in the mix. The songs are superbly performed, most of them extended beyond the original studio versions. A thing that is always essential for live LP's I've thought. It has been widely rumoured the Cipollina's playing was not up to expectations, so a little overdubbing was necessary. I dont know myself how much is true, but it still sounds totally live to me. You can feel the energy almost as if you are in the concert hall with them. They appear to be getting a lot of well deserved applause from the crowd. Without a doubt, my best live album of all time. Amazing stuff.



  2. One of the best bands to walk the earth. Do you have any boots of them? Thanks.