Monday, December 12, 2016

Georg Lawall - 1981 - Palette

Georg Lawall

01. Dos Chicas (Um Bocadillo) 4:30
02. Palette 7:35
03. Perpetuum Mobile 4:50
04. I Feel A Whole Lot Better Now 5:20
05. Trance-Aktion 5:00
06. Per-Dis-Kussion 5:00
07. Stilblüten 11:50
 a. Erdig
 b. Einfach Aber Wahr
 c. So Wirklich
 d. Gospelhorn

Aufgenommen am 19. und 20. Februar 81 "Live" in der "Bastion" Kirchheim/Teck

 Classical Guitar, Producer, Painting – Georg Lawall

An astonishing set of acoustic guitar music from this awesome genius, note that, so far as I can tell, only one song is borrowed from another disc, as was the case in the live album from pnf I think.

I think somewhere in the past I mentioned that artist shocks us by how uncompromising he was, even in 1982 he was still utterly dedicated to pursuing progressive avant-garde music even as the world was filling up with fuzak, digital keys and drums and all-round silliness everywhere.  And like the German band Alcatraz, he never gave up the progressive spirit.

Simply have a listen to the most wondrous track on this record, called 'perpetuum mobile,' and be prepared for your jaw dropping



  2. Georg Lawall - 1986 - Plays Haendel & Lawall

    Suite Nr.7 A-Moll
    A1 Ouvertüre
    A2 Andante
    A3 Allegro
    A4 Sarabande
    A5 Gigue
    B1 Passacaille
    Suite Aus Aylesfolder Stücke
    B2 Entree
    B3 Gavotte
    B4 Passepied - Menuett - Passepied
    B5 Toccata
    B6 Impertinence
    B7 Fuga
    B8 Largo Aus Xerxes

  3. I experienced Orexis "live" in Singapore in Oct 1983. I was a teenager mad about jazz and wrote to Georg Lawal after that. To my surprise, he was so generous to ship at some expense his 1981 album "Palette". The years have feded the memories and now I'm trying to find an MP3 of " i feel a whole lot better now" uck so far