Sunday, November 13, 2016

ZNR - 1980 - Traité de Mécanique Populaire

Traité de Mécanique Populaire

01. Ancien automate mexicain (1:53)
02. Écorcherie romantique pour coeur fêlé (1:41)
03. Enchevêtrement désordonné (3:17)
04. Alia lasse (2:21)
05. La vieille montre (1:41)
06. Tout debout (1:15)
07. Printemps au jardin potager vu d'en-haut (1:04)
08. Triste prose et vieux billards (0:57)
09. Garden Party (1:59)
10. Chanson triste pour faire danser les petites filles (2:08)
11. Nu au bain (0:56)
12. Sérénades italiennes (0:56)
13. Trou de blé (0:46)
14. Vieille chanson irlandaise (1:55)
15. Memoire d'un chien (1:10)
16. Un véritable monstre à musique (3:05)
17. Printemps au jardin potager vu d'en-bas (1:03)
18. Deux pièces élémentaires pour piano et un prélude (2:19)
19. Le fils du grand compositeur (2:11)

- Hector Zazou / synths, electric piano, bass, vocals, violin
- Joseph Racaille / piano, vocals, electric piano, violin
- Patrick Portella / clarinet, bass clarinet
- André Jaume / saxophone
- David Rueff / violin, flute
- Fernand d'Arlès / drums, percussion
- Gilly Bell / synths, violin

Even more seductive than the Barricade 3 album. ZNR delivers another piece of fragmented beauty; some contemporary classical music, a couple of dances (like the excellent tango "Garden party"), and pieces with a Canterbury touch, all performed with brilliance and ease. This album is more accesible than the previous one, since the sound is a bit wider and more acoustic. Highly recommended.



  2. Link seems busted? But, Thank You SO very much for the Incredible onslaught this past week!! (even more than usual I truly appreciated and needed it this past week)

    America is not dead; it just smells bad.


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  5. Gee
    you're back in your own vault
    N° 960 must date from the cun cun na ma era
    ZNR is a fantastic gift
    thank's a lot

    1. yeah... you is right! I tried to repost everything from the old blog, but a 100 or so posts fell thru the cracks, and since back then I didnt do backups of the blog, I couldnt reupload the whole load in one swift go... so every now and then you will still see these old ones pop up... some I actually left out on purpose.. like CAN... since it was posting a Can album that got the old place shut...