Saturday, November 12, 2016

Toshiaki Yokota & The Beat Generation - 1970 - Elevation

Toshiaki Yokota & The Beat Generation 

01. Elevation Part 1
02. On The Road
03. Easy To Be Hard
04. And When I Die
05. Curved Navel
06. What'd I Say
07. How Long Have I Been Waiting For You
08. You Are My Way Of Life
09. Elevation Part 2

Toshiaki Yokota and The Beat Generation
Toshiaki Yokota: flute
Hideo Ichikawa: keyboard
Sadanori Nakamure: guitar
Jun Suzuki: bass
Takeshi Inomata: drums
Larry Sunaga: percussion

Recorded in 1970
Includes liner notes in Japanese by Toyo Nakamura and Yusuke Ogawa

Gorgeous rare groove gem that this second album of The Beat Generation, led by one of most famous japanese flutist, Toshiaki Yokota from Sound Limited, arranged by the jazz master, Masahiko Satoh, and featuring Takeshi Inomata, Hideo Ichikawa & Jun Suzuki, all supported by strings. Unlike their following album, the experimental "Flute Adventure", released in 1971, Elevation is more characterized by a pop oriented sound in a kind rock "baroque" style occurred by the Ichikawa's harpsichord playing. Titles include covers (What'd I Say) and originals composed by Yokota (Elevation, On The Road), Inomata (Curved Navel) & Ichikawa (How Long Have I Been Waiting For You). All tracks arranged by Masahiko Sato.

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