Friday, November 4, 2016

Nahuatl - 1974 - Nahuatl


 01. Kong (bonus) 03:23
 02. Machismo 05:07
 03. No Se Quien Soy 02:23
 04. Evolucion 03:27
 05. Dejame 02:37
 06. Tiempo Perdido 04:39
 07. El Hongo 04:49
 08. Volvere 03:31
 09. Watch the Sun Going Down 02:29
 10. Contaminacion 04:23
 11. Ella Es Fuego (bonus) 03:50


 Ramon Torres - Bass, Back Vocals
 Ricardo Ochoa - Vocals, Guitar
 Carlos "Bozo" Vazquez - Drums, Back Vocals

 Omar Jasso - keyboards
 Kenny Aviles - vocals
 Luis Rojas - keyboards

Bonus Tracks:
 Ricardo Ochoa - vocals, bass, guitar and programming
 Julio Moran - drums
 Kenny, Kathia, Alejandra Guzman - Chorus on "Ella Es Fuego"

Pretty consistent LP for an early 70's Mexican heavy psych record.  If you've come to this because you happen to LIKE what you have heard from this period in Mexican Rock history, than this will not disappoint you.   That said, you have to like this stuff to begin with.  You either get the appeal or you don't which is many folks reaction to these bands.  This one combines all the amateurish crudo-fuzz elements of the best Dug Dug's and Three Souls in my Mind and perhaps even ups the ante in the songwriting department vs. some of those bands' output.   A couple on here, "Evolucion" in particular,  are up there with the best of this genre.

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