Saturday, November 12, 2016

Minoru Muraoka - 1970 - Osorezan

Minoru Muraoka

01. 恐山 / Osorezan
02. テイク・ファイブ / Take Five
03. 追分 / Oiwake
04. 褐色のブルース / Blues De Memphis
05. バンブー・ロック / Bamboo Rock
06. 間 / Ma

Bass – Jun Suzuki
Flute [Bamboo] – Minoru Muraoka
Organ – Yusuke Hoguchi
Scat – Kayoko Ishu
Taiko [Wadaiko] – Hiromitsu Katada, Kisaku Katada
Trombone – Koji Nishimura
Biwa – Masako Hirayama
Drums [Tsuzumi] – Kisaku Katada
Koto – Kimiko Yamanouchi
Taiko [Wadaiko] – Hiromitsu Katada
Drums – Akira Ishikawa
Electric Guitar – Sadanori Nakamure
Organ – Yusuke Hoguchi
Vibraphone – Nobuhiro Suzuki
Electric Guitar – Ryo Kawasaki

Recorded live on April 7th, 1970

Minoru Muraoka was born in 1923,and began to studying shakuhachi  (=Japanese bammboo flute) officially in 1939.Later in 1959,he started to mix shakuhachi music with popular music.By playing with  Herbie Mann,a famous jazz flute plaer,in 1967,Minoru playing shakuhachi was known to  a lot of jazz fans.
The album is broken down in two parts. First part was named "Soul shakuhachi" and tracks they played were American blues songs, Bossa Nova,Japanese traditional songs ,rock music....and so  on.
Second part was named "New Dimension  " and the tracks they played were "Take Five""Come Together""Oiwake""Kawanakajima""Ma""Kobushi" and so on. And the last track they played was an epic "Osorezan".
In this album,"Osorezan"was the first track,but actually,was the last track at the concert.
In mid 70s,this album was released as the second edition with the different cover  .but one track called "Take Five"was deleted from the album.I don't know the reason.
Some of Minoru Muraoka's albums are very interesting to prog fans ,however , most of them are too difficult to get for us... hint hint... lol