Thursday, November 17, 2016

Iskander - 1982 - Bohème 2000

Bohème 2000

01. Winterhagen 1 8:55
02. Winterhagen 3 5:15
03. Gleitflug 8:00
04. Draussen 10:10
05. Elnteg Tnaig 2:03
06. Dollarhut 8:21

Aufgenommen im Juli, 1982, Tonstudio Ebel, Kassel

Bass, Synthesizer [Prophet, Arp] – Ulrich Mennenöh
Drums – Hajo Kann
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Martin Firniss
Electric Guitar, Vocals – Michael Pichmann
Electric Piano [Rhodes], Synthesizer, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals – Klaus-Jürgen Knüppel

 Iskander's debut is a real under the radar delight, and mixes symphonic rock with psychedelic guitar and a variety of progressive ideas. The album is pretty much forgotten today, but was quite well known within those that were tuned into the "Eurock" circle back in the 1980s
A great part of "Boheme 2000" put into the fore excellent intrumental pieces made of melodic keyboards sessions and exquisite, fresh & peaceful guitar lines. If you want to have an obvious comparaison you need to go on Novalis, Camel, Grobschnitt's musical experiences in symphonic prog rock featuring nice,pleasant, accessible sounds sometimes improvisational but always dense and dynamic. It is a keyboard / guitars based band with talented musicians and a great feeling, delivering both intense and technical compositions. An easy listening and recommended effort!

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