Thursday, November 17, 2016

Exil - 1975 - Fusionen


01. Nur Ein Klein Menig 3:12
02. Kurzes Hundeleben 9:34
03. Die Gute Alte Anna 6:16
04. Schuhe 1 10:32
05. Ohne Uns 9:12

Electric Piano – Georg Eckl
Guitar, Drums – Berndt Steiner
Percussion – Bernd Funk
Tenor Saxophone – Bewin
Violin, Cello – Eva Lutz
Vocals, Cello – Jotwin

On Thomas Hayes's cd-reissue wishlist he tells; "Exil - Fusionen (Germany) 1975 FHZ. If you can imagine the 1975 era Embryo releasing "Embryo's Reise" from 1979, then I think you'd have a good idea of Exil's "Fusionen" release. Amongst the usual rock instrumentation there's lots of violin, electric piano and sax playing Eastern European and Asian influenced jazz rock. Aera's "Hand und Fuss" is another good reference as is an instrumental Emma Myldenberger circa "Tour de Trance". A very fine work." perhaps this is the only written information at net. This album enough good for not to be forgotten, any information welcome. A hidden treasure, gently whispers to our ears from 30 years ago!

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