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El Tarro De Mostaza - 1970 - El Tarro De Mostaza

El Tarro De Mostaza 
El Tarro De Mostaza

01. Obertura - Brillo De Luz
02. Final - Avances
03. En Caso De Que Mi Reloj Se Pare
04. El Ruido Del Silencio
05. Amor Por Telefono- Brillo De Luz (Reprise)
06. La Fuente Del Jardin
07. Final

Juan Felipe Castro Osornio
Jorge Clemente López Martínez
Francisco Javier del Ángel "El Indio"
Óscar García Casados
Santiago Galván Díaz

Lot of misinformation about this title, but deep in the bowels of the internet (yea, I don't recommend you go there often either), I found a Spanish language interview (from a local Veracruz newspaper!). And with the ever trusty help of Google translate, I was able to discern a few interesting facts.

The album was actually recorded in 1968, but not released until two years later. Apparently it was a "happening sound in", and the band was forced to play for hours on end, with no chance to sleep, eat, bio breaks, etc... Obviously not a pleasant experience for the participants. The name of the band was Los Sonidos (The Sounds), but the producers (rightly I think) suggested that the moniker was boring. And so the band arbitrarily picked Mustard Jar because it was both solid and hard (ummm... sure.... ok). I also found a little nugget that Spain's Guerssen has (or had) been in hot pursuit. The article goes back to 2009, and Guerssen is one of the best - if not THE best - reissue label today. So if they can't get it done, not sure anyone else could - legitimately of course.

Musically, the album consists of two distinct sides. One is a lengthy jam with killer organ (really old stock too - like a Farfisa) and guitars. The other side is more psychedelic pop, but you're never too far away from a blistering acid guitar solo. For 1968 Mexico, this was really quite a pioneering effort.

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