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Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd - 1972 - Nio And Pigeon

Toshiyuki Miyama & The New Herd 
Nio And Pigeon

01. Hide And Seek
02. A Sun Shower Parade
03. Grief For Enka
04. Nio And Pigeon
05. When A Swan Goes To Sleep
06. Streams Of The Sumida River
07. Dedications To The Humble Prayer
08. Adult's Day

Alto Clarinet – Kazumi Oguro
Alto Saxophone – Kazumi Oguro, Shinji Nakayama
Arranged By – Kozaburo Yamaki
Baritone Saxophone – Miki Matsui
Bass – Masao Kunisada
Celesta – Yoshinobu Imashiro
Clarinet – Kazumi Oguro, Kiyoshi Saito, Shinji Nakayama, Shoji Maeda
Clarinet [Bass] – Miki Matsui
Composed By – Kozaburo Yamaki
Drums – Masaru Hiromi
Flute – Kazumi Oguro, Kiyoshi Saito, Shinji Nakayama, Shoji Maeda
Gong – Yoshinobu Imashiro
Guitar – Kozaburo Yamaki
Maracas – Kozaburo Yamaki
Melodica – Koji Hatori
Percussion – Masaru Hiromi
Piano – Yoshinobu Imashiro
Soprano Saxophone – Kiyoshi Saito, Shoji Maeda
Tambourine – Kazumi Oguro
Tenor Saxophone – Kiyoshi Saito, Shoji Maeda
Toy [Bell] – Kozaburo Yamaki, Seiichi Tokura
Toy [Clapper] – Shinji Nakayama
Toy [Drum] – Bunji Murata, Seiichi Tokura, Teruhiko Kataoka
Toy [Gara-gara] – Yoshinobu Imashiro
Toy [Guilo] – Takeshi Aoki
Toy [Kachi-kachi] – Kiyoshi Saito, Kozaburo Yamaki, Masamichi Uetaka
Toy [Siren] – Kenichi Sano, Shinji Nakayama, Takeshi Aoki
Trombone – Masamichi Uetaka, Seiichi Tokura, Takeshi Aoki, Teruhiko Kataoka
Trombone [Bass] – Takeshi Aoki
Trumpet – Bunji Murata, Kenichi Sano, Koji Hatori, Kunio Fujisaki

Adventure In Sounds series. Recorded 9 & 16 May 1972.

In 1921, one of Japanese Jazz Giants, Toshiyuki MIYAMA was born in Chiba-City, Japan. He joined the Japanese Naval Military Band in 1939 and played upon deck of many Japanese warships such as Hyuga, Yamashiro, Nagato, or Yamato ... this valuable experience could let him go up the stairway to the herald of Japanese Jazz scene. Soon after the World War, he showed his ability as an alt-saxophone player and formed a jazz band Jive Aces in 1950, which performed and were approved in US Camp etc.

In 1958 Jive Aces, with lots of musicians added, changed their band's name into NEW HERD (TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA & HIS NEW HERD). Although they were a back band on a dance floor in 1950s, NEW HERD established Japan Modern Jazz scene, much influenced by the members / 'bebop' arrangers Kozaburo YAMAKI or Hiroshi TAKAMI, in mid 1960s. Finally, 'Perspective' released in 1969, featuring Masahiko SATOH, could be much appreciated and they had reached the peak of their popularity in Japanese 'Big Band' Jazz world.

'Yamataifu' (1972) was released exactly in their most active period. This album should break the common sense of Japanese Jazz easily, in collaboration with Masahiko SATOH again, and won the Nippon Geijutsusai Yushu Prize, a very honourable one.

TOSHIYUKI MIYAMA & HIS NEW HERD celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2000, and simultaneously, again won the Geijutsusai Yushu Prize, for the concert of their 50th anniversary.

This HAS to be a soundtrack. Big band jazz, with some tracks dedicated to slower ballads and some dedicated to yer classic film "tension jazz". Some interesting writing. A few of the tracks make some unexpected ambient diversions.

Adult's Day is a ten minute track that sounds like a watered down outtake from In A Silent Way, which means it's pretty damn good, but the rest of the tracks are rather slow going.



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