Friday, October 28, 2016

Attila Zoller & Masahiko Sato - 1972 - A Path Through Haze

Attila Zoller & Masahiko Sato 
A Path Through Haze

01. Meet 9:00
02. Sazo 3:45
03. Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair 6:30
04. Close Up 2:25
05. Together - Not Alone 8:48
06. A Path Through Haze 13:48

Bass – Yasuo Arakawa
Drums – Masahiko Ozu
Guitar – Attila Zoller
Piano – Masahiko Sato

Recorded on the occassion of the Berlin Jazz Festival 71 at Teldec Studio Berlin November 7th, 1971.

Heres a beautiful MPS session from 1971, featuring legendary post bop guitarist Atilla Zoller, Harmonically Challenging and at times tonally ambiguous ,though relatively straight ahead with lots of delightful free wheeling interplay,by Satoh and Zoller.

All in all rather reminiscent of  the material performed by a sensational mid sixties band led by pianist Don Friedman, that recorded a couple of albums for Prestige
the best of which ,"Metamorphoses" happens to be among my favorite records...(available on CD and well worth checking out)

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