Friday, August 19, 2016

Pere Ubu - 1981 - 390° Of Simulated Stereo

Pere Ubu 
390° Of Simulated Stereo

01. Non-Alignment Pact 3:45
02. Street Waves 4:08
03. Real World 4:04
04. My Dark Ages 5:32
05. The Modern Dance 3:33
06. Humor Me 2:44
07. Heart Of Darkness 4:07
08. Laughing 5:14
09. Can't Believe It 2:16
10. Over My Head 4:46
11. Sentimental Journey 4:53
12. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo 5:42

Tom Herman – guitar, bass
Peter Laughner – guitar, bass
Tim Wright – bass
Scott Krauss – drums
Tony Maimone – bass
Allen Ravenstine – EML synthesizers
David Thomas – vocals

Ubu's first live recording is not your average live recording. That is, it's not a contract filler or a simple rehash of material, or an ersatz live document with lots of post-production sweetening; it is a warts'n'all snapshot of their career. This collection focuses on the years 1976-1979 and includes recordings from the very early days with Peter Laughner and Tim Wright. And because this is an aural history, completeness and representation are more important than state-of-the-art recording technology. That's a nice way of saying that some of the tracks (especially those recorded in 1976) are of a very lo-fi quality -- I'm talking portable cassette recorder quality. But that doesn't mean it impossible to enjoy the music; quite the contrary, the grubby sound enhances what were probably grimy, claustrophobic gigs. The song selection is top-notch (mostly from the Datapanik EP and The Modern Dance LP), and live, Ubu's edginess and gleeful avant-gardisms are in full effect. A great live album? Probably not, but its great moments ("Street Waves," "The Modern Dance" and "Heart of Darkness") are worth a considerable amount of your time.

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