Saturday, July 16, 2016

Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine - 1978 - Splendid

Larry Coryell & Philip Catherine

01. One Plus Two Blues 5:17
02. Snowshadows 3:29
03. Transvested Express 5:20
04. Deus Xango 5:27
05. My Serenade 4:54
06. No More Booze 3:43
07. Father Christmas 2:39
08. A Quiet Day In Spring 4:02
09. The Train And The River 4:48

Acoustic Guitar [6-string, 12-string] – Larry Coryell
Acoustic Guitar [6-string, 12-string], Electric Guitar [Fretless] – Philip Catherine

Piano – Joachim Kühn (On 4)

Recorded in Hamburg in February '78 at Rüssl Studio.

2nd album by this magnificent guitar duo: American Larry Coryell and Belgian Philip Catherine, both established virtuosi with impressive record, who cooperate here to combine their talents in order to create a whole, which is even greater than the sum of its parts. Although both guitarists are mostly known for their activity in Jazz-Rock Fusion, this album presents them in a Jazz setting, partly acoustic and partly electric. The result is a beautiful conversation of two Masters, both technically and aesthetically awe inspiring. The music on this album was written by Coryell and Catherine, but they also play one Astor Piazzolla composition (on this track the German piano giant Joachim Kühn appears as a guest) and a striking version of a Django Reinhardt tune. Guitar enthusiasts will find this album essential listening, but it is most interesting to every Jazz lover. This album was unavailable for so many years and seeing it back in circulation is a great pleasure. This is surely one of the most essential guitar albums out there!

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