Friday, July 15, 2016

Focus - 1976 - Ship Of Memories

Ship Of Memories

01. P'S March (4:48)
02. Can't Believe My Eyes (5:23)
03. Focus V (3:02)
04. Out Of Vesuvius (5:50)
05. Glider (4:39)
06. Red Sky At Night (5:51)
07. Spoke The Lord Creator (2:33)
08. Crackers (2:44)
09. Ship Of Memories (1:47)

Bonus Track on CD editions:
10. Hocus Pocus (US Single version) (3:25)

- Thijs Van Leer / vocals, organ, Mellotron, clavinet, flute
- Jan Akkerman / guitar, sitar
- Bert Ruiter / bass (1-5,8), vocals
- Martin Dresden / bass (7)
- Pierre van der Linden / drums (1-5,9)
- David Kemper / drums (6,8)
- Hans Cleuver / drums (7)

This album is a collection of unreleased tracks, including obscurities and different takes.
Most of it was recorded during 1973.

Another underrated album. This one features outtakes and rarities from mostly 1973, one track from the first line-up and a few from the later line-up (Mother Focus). Side one is truly great! First track P's March was intented to be a single and fits fine with the early single "House Of The King". Second one "Can't Believe My Eyes" contains very good guitar-work by Jan Akkerman and Focus V is a smooth track, but very beautiful. One of Focus' best tracks in my opinion. Out of Versuvius turned out later as a passage in "Hamburger Concerto" The music's quality on this record is really good and sometimes I'm surprised they are outtakes. Especially if you like the Focus from 1973 (Focus II & 3) you will appreciate this album.

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