Friday, July 1, 2016

Bloodrock - 1974 - Whirlwind Tongues

Whirlwind Tongues

01. It's Gonna Be Love 3:19
02. Sunday Song 4:21
03. Parallax 3:40
04. Voices 3:40
05. Eleanor Rigby 3:10
06. Stilled By Whirlwind Tongues 5:35
07. Guess What I Am 2:56
08. Lady Of Love 3:56
09. Jungle 4:32

Bass – Ed Grundy
Drums, Percussion – Randy Reeder (tracks: A2, A4, A5, B3, B4), R. Cobb III (tracks: A1, A3, B1, B2,)
Guitar – Nick Taylor
Keyboards, Synthesizer, Melodica – Stevie Hill
Vocals, Flute, Saxophone, Harmonica – Warren Ham

Another God's forsaken album deserving a chance. Who cares if Bloodrock changed its style - an american Hard Rock from the guts - increasing a Progressive flavour? It's really incredible! Sometimes like Kansas (a refined ballad "Guess What I Am")or Jethro Tull (a Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" with flute arrangements), the band ignores an eminent split, with Warren Ham (vocals) doing an excellent job after Jim Rutledge's departure. A very good shot

A far, far different album than the ones which preceded it. Bloodrock has completely switched their sound up here. No longer are they a Heavy, Doomy, Hard Rock/Prog/Proto-Doom Metal type of band (Yeah, they were hard to categorize.). On Whirlwind Tongues The Progressive Rock has stepped to the forefront. Whirlwind Tongues isn't a bad album per se, but when a band that's as great as what they did as Bloodrock was totally steps away from their own uniqueness, well it's bound to make fans unhappy.

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