Thursday, July 14, 2016

Alquin - 1976 - Live On Tour

Live On Tour

01. Sunrise 2:35
02. Wake Me Up 3:40
03. L.A. Rendez Vous 3:30
04. The Dance 15:30
05. High Rockin' 5:45
06. Amy 4:20
07. I Wish I Could 10:20
08. Wheelchair Groupie 3:35

- Ferdinand Bakker / guitar, piano, vocals
- Ronald Ottenhoff / saxophone, flute
- Dick Franssen / organ, piano, wurlizter
- Michel van Dijk / vocals
- Jan Visser / bass
- Job Tarenskeen / drums, percussion & vocals

When Alquin called it a day in the late seventies, they left us with a live album. The album contains tracks from all the previous albums. The two things that make this album really interesting is the inclusion of their best progressive tracks: I wish I could and The dance. Especially the performance of I wish I could is excellent, this version is even better than on the studio album. All the tracks are performed very well. So luckily they ended with a great album, to make up for the two more funky albums they released before. But still, when you want to explore the music of Alquin you should get hold of the first two albums.

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