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Zipps - 1999 - Be Stoned Dig Zipps

Be Stoned Dig Zipps

01. Highway Gambler (Single B-Side, 1966) — 2:08
02. Roll The Cotton Down (Single A-Side, 1966) — 2:42
03. Kicks And Chicks (Single B-Side, 1966) — 3:11
04. Hipsterism (Single A-Side, 1966) — 3:07
05. Beat & Poetry Part 1 — 7:06
06. Beat & Poetry Part 2 — 7:40
07. Marie Juana (Single A-Side, 1967) — 3:14
08. The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk (Single B-Side, 1967) — 2:23
09. When You Tell It, Tell It Well..! (Single A-Side, 1969) — 3:09
10. Lotus Love (Demo — Vocal Version) — 2:50
11. Walking On This Road To Mine Town (Previously Unreleased Live Track) — 2:48
12. The Beer Hall Song (Previously Unreleased Live Track) — 4:54
13. Kicks And Chicks (Previously Unreleased Live Track) — 3:35
14. Philippe Salerne & The Zipps — Avec De L’Italie (Single B-Side, 1967) — 2:08
15. Philippe Salerne & The Zipps — Venez Voire Comme On S’Aime (Single A-Side, 1967) — 1:30
16. Lotus Love (Instrumental – Previously Unreleased Demo Version) — 2:54
17. The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk (Previously Unreleased Stereo Version) — 2:21
18. Kicks And Chicks (Previously Unreleased Stereo Version) — 3:10
19. LSD 25 Interview — 6:28

Jan Bek — vocals (1965-1966)
Philip «Byron» Elzerman — vocals, guitar, flute, harmonica
Peter Nuyten — guitar (1965-1967)
Theo Verschoor — bass (1965-67)
John Noce Santoro — drums (1965-1967, 1968-1969)
Wim Klein — drums (1967)
Dick Visschers — guitar (1968-69)
Ruud van Seventer — bass (1968-69)

"Together with Group 1850, the Dordrecht based band the Zipps belong to the best underground
bands Holland could boast in the sixties. By publicly parading the use of halluncinatory drugs
(the popular LSD-25 in particular, which was to be placed on the list of forbidden drugs in Holland as late as 1966),  the Zipps in no time at all mange to catch the public eye. As a result of the marriage of
 psychedelic sound and their renowned 'Zeta-Lightshow' it hardly comes as a surprise that the Zipps are readily known as the Dutch 'Pink Floyd'.
What you will find on this CD is all the Zipps ever recorded: their singles plus a number of particularly special recordings. Recordings which demonstrate to what extent the group was able to play their own particular sound. The sound which really used to really stir up the passions of their audience."

THE ZIPPS "Be Stoned, Dig Zipps"
cd/2?lp - 1999 - Pseudonym ()

Just out: an overview of this unique Dutch sixties band’s major output. Musically, only their “Kicks & chicks”, “Lotus love” and “When you tell it, tell it well” are really outstanding (the latter two are superbly refined instances of 1967-1968 psychedelia, as a matter of fact), but the rest ofthe cd (also including demo, instrumental or stereo versions of the aforementioned titles) is less interesting - except historically... as titles like “Beat & poetry” and “Marie Juana” document the Zipps performing typical beatnik-provo-style pro-drugs and anti-establishment rants over a musically disappointing background. Lovers of the genre, however, will be delighted by the Zipps ultimately typical Dutchman’s English (literal translations, awful pronunciation, etc.) (pv)

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