Sunday, May 22, 2016

Shadowfax - 1983 - Shadowdance


01. New Electric India - 5:12
02. Watercourse Way - 5:06
03. Ghost Bird - 5:04
04. Shadowdance - 5:20
05. Brown Rice/Karmapa Chenno - 4:18
06. Distant Voices - 3:46
07. A Song for My Brother - 9:04

G. E. Stinson - 6 and 12-string guitar, vocal on 5
Chuck Greenberg - Lyricon, tenor saxophone, flute
Phil Maggini - bass
Stuart Nevitt - drums, percussion, vibraphone
Jared Stewart - piano synthesizers
Jamii Szmadzinski - violin, baritone violin, alto psaltry

Since I don't have to talk to 'YOU' face to face ,I don't mind admitting that I was along for the New Age ride.There indeed was some pleasant music to be had.I was particularly fond of Patrick O'Hearn of Zappa fame.Also had me some Yanni,Andreas Vollenweider and some quality stuff released on the German 'Erdenklang' label that was really nice, along with the Peter Bauman run Private Music and of course Windham Hill.
At that time in the early 80s I think I heard Shadowfax on the local university radio station and quite liked it.This was the only one of theirs i had at the time.Like most New Age it is very light fare.These guys are a little hard to describe ,but I guess some jazz rock light sorta mellow Jean Luc Ponty,Passport and Mike Oldfield at times, along with the odd dash of folky Hobbit'ish music. TCat's go an agreeable description,so I won't go track by track myself.

So if you wanna sit by a lake at dusk with a nice bottle of wine and mellow out with some background music,you can't go wrong with this.



  2. And I'll bring the Joker!! Love all new age/space music!!!
    ...seem to have lost my vinyl of this back in the college daZZZe...
    ...'Song For My Brother' is gettin' cranked! good shit!
    Thank you my brother!

  3. Merci infiniment pour toutes ces belles musiques partagées qui vont rejoindre le grand blind test de