Saturday, May 14, 2016

Peter Michael Hamel - 1983 - Transition

Peter Michael Hamel 

01. Transition 17:17
02. Mandala 25:15
03. Let it Play 13:06
04. Transpersonal 9:38
05. Apotheosis 21:34

Peter Michael Hamel / Piano, Prepared Piano, Pipe Organ, PPG Wave Computer Synthesizer

 A masterful exercise in modern classical piano mostly composition.
It is not surprising that Peter M Hamel's musical route always stood closer to contemporary classic music songwriting than prog, any kind of it. Adopted here in PA in the electronic sub genre, does not change that fact a bit.

So "Transition" 1983, as guessed, has all the type of qualities and attributes, to be forgotten or underrated by the average prog audiophiles, who dig mostly unending repetitions of the same formulas with their respective preachers.

As mentioned, this work main proposals run in a different musical universe. Piano, pipe organ, PPG Wave and synthesizers conform the instrumentation, but soloing fast and slow micro-minimalism piano compositions are the frequent environment found, among an excellent electronic percussions song and a 20 minutes, obscure and massive, pipe-organ and organ composition.

Musical references for those interested in this small-masterpiece of an album are Claude Debussy, Steve Reich, Phillip Glass and of course another invited master figure, Terry Riley.

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