Monday, April 4, 2016

Don Cherry & Gato Barbieri - 1966 - Togetherness

Don Cherry & Gato Barbieri

01. Togetherness One - First Movement 5:08
02. Togetherness One - Second Movement 5:26
03. Togetherness One - Third Movement 9:41
04. Togetherness Two - Fourth Movement 12:07
05. Togetherness Two - Fifth Movement 9:41

Bass – J.F. Jenny Clark
Cornet – Don Cherry
Drums – Aldo Romano
Tenor Saxophone – Lee Gato Barbieri
Vibraphone – Carlhans Berger

From Don Cherry's audiotape recorded on Spring 1965 (Togetherness One) and Summer 1965 (Togetherness Two)
Originally released on Durium as part of the Durium Serie Circus Serie Contemporanea.

This LP features tenor-saxophonist Gato Barbieri (at the beginning of his career) and trumpeter Don Cherry teaming up with a French rhythm section for the trumpeter's five-part "Togetherness." While Cherry plays pretty free, he sounds conservative next to the often-violent wails of Barbieri. This interesting set (long out-of-print) is for the open-minded only.



  2. I've not come across this recording before. I look forward to hearing it. Many thanks.