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Col. Bruce Hampton - 1978 - One Ruined Life (Of A Bronze Tourist)

Col. Bruce Hampton
One Ruined Life (Of A Bronze Tourist)

01. Charles Patrick's Millionaires Learn To Swing 1:15
02. Sunshine Makes Eye Contact 3:12
03. Leaning Near A Town, She Stood The Storm 1:50
04. Frolic With Closet Lizards 3:09
05. The Imposition According To Vasco Da Gamma 4:14
06. Cocoa Beach 3:22
07. In The Park With You 2:18
08. Rise To Failure And 300 3:08
09. Col. Crawford Boyd Speaks On The Essentials Of Tragic Waste Due To The Spiritual Rebirth Of Ty Cobb, Recorded Live 1946 Stork Club, Memphis 4:55

Bonus Tracks
10. Working On A Building 3:33
11. Ghost Alcohol Sandwich 2:43
12. Talking Shoe 11:33

Bass – Jules Davenport
Choir – Lithonia Choir
Flute – Face (16)
Guitar – Col. Crawford Boyd
Piano – Jasper Brake
Violin – Richard A. Robinson
Voice, Clarinet, Saxophone – Ben "Pops" Thorton
Voice, Drums, Performer [Chazoid] – Mr. Coles

Recorded at Last Stand Music, Hapeville, GA.
Remastered by Alex Lowe at Southern Living At It's Finest, Atlanta, GA and Bob Pantages at Hideaway Mastering, Ramona, CA.
Originally recorded on Pine Tree Records, 1978.

In a musical career that has spanned nearly five decades, Bruce Hampton has gone from enigmatic cult figure to outright legendary elder statesman.

His first claim to infamy came in the late 60's as member of the Hampton Grease Band, a Southern Rock take on the psychedelic, weird, and progressive sounds of the day, whose sole album Music to Eat holds the dubious honor of being the second worst selling record in the history of the Capricorn/Columbia label (second only to a Yoga instructional record). Despite a cult following and many high profile opening slots with the likes of Frank Zappa, The Allman Brothers and even Jimi Hendrix, the album fell through the cracks due to poor promotion and was yanked from the store shelves after a six week run (thankfully, it's been reissued).

Throughout the 70's and 80's the Colonel continued to perform and record with a variety of mostly regional acts in the Tidewater and Southern states, as well as writing for a number of music magazines, acting as a self-described "good will ambassador for Southern Rock". The best of these recordings were later re-issued in a compilation entitled Strange Voices: A History 1977-1987.

Col. Hampton's greatest claim to fame came about in the mid 90's working with the Aquarium Rescue Unit. Thanks to the burgoening jamband scene being spearheaded by band such as Phish, and the greater exposure recieved by performing on Blues Traveler's H.O.R.D.E. (Horizons Of Rock Developing Everywhere) festval tour, this latest of the Colonel's projects was vaulted into national (if still overall cultish) prominence. Unfortunately, due to health problems the Colonel was forced to leave the Aquarium Rescue Unit to their own devices and take a forced hiatus from perfoming. The Rescue Unit soon dissoved with its members forming solo projects and finding jobs with the likes of Phil Lesh & Friends, The Allman Brothers Band, Leftover Salmon, and Jonas Hellborg.

While he did take a short break from performing, the Colonel did anything but take it easy after leaving the Aquarium Rescue Unit. Hampton was instrumental in organizing a third stage for subsequent H.O.R.D.E. tours, and found time to appear in films such as Sling Blade and Phish bassist Mike Gordon's Outside well forming and touring with bands such as Fiji Mariners and The Codetalkers. The Colonel continues to perform with those bands today as well as making sporatic reunion appearances with ARU.


  1. Col. Bruce Hampton - 1978 - One Ruined Life (Of A Bronze Tourist)

  2. Thanks, can't wait to hear this. You say of Music To Eat "thankfully it's been reissued" but unless there's a newer one I am unaware of, that 2CD is long out of print, and the only people I've found selling copies online were ebay or Amazon sellers who don't ship outside of USA - thanks a lot you US-centric maggots :-) Thankfully I got a burn from a guy years ago, but I would love to own an "as-new" copy of the CD reissue.