Thursday, April 7, 2016

Al Kooper - 1972 - A Possible Project Of The Future / Childhoods End

Al Kooper 
A Possible Project Of The Future / Childhoods End

01. A Possible Projection Of The Future 6:31
02. The Man In Me 3:42
03. Fly On 3:15
04. Please Tell Me Why 4:40
05. The Monkey Time 3:19
06. Let Your Love Shine 4:04
07. Swept For You Baby 3:32
08. Bended Knees (Please Don't Leave Me Now) 3:40
09. Love Trap 4:04
10. Childhood's End 3:32

Oma Drake Vocals
John Paul Fetta Bass
Venetta Fields Vocals
Herbie Flowers Bass
Michael Gately Vocals
Paul Goddard Bass
Richard Greene Violin
Bobbye Hall Percussion
Junior Hanley Drums
Paul Humphrey Drums
Robert John Vocals
Clydie King Vocals
Al Kooper Guitar, Keyboards, Primary Artist, Vocals
Claudia Lennear Vocals
Linda Lewis Vocals
Maruga Percussion
Barry Morgan Drums
Alan Parker Guitar
Stuart Scharf Guitar
Bob West Bass
Edna Wright Vocals

As with virtually everything he's ever released, Al Kooper's A Possible Projection of the Future/Childhood's End is superbly produced -- it also sounds a bit different from his other early solo albums, having been recorded mostly in London rather than in New York City. Musically, it's a tiny bit more shaky than one is accustomed to, at least for the first track. Then he slips into a soul groove that is still one of the most extraordinary sounds you'll ever hear from any white artist. Whether he's doing an original song or covering Curtis Mayfield ("The Monkey Time"), Smokey Robinson ("Swept for You Baby"), or Bob Dylan ("The Man in Me"), Kooper is a figure transformed and transcendent through most of this album, delivering an achingly poignant and charismatic performance. The opening number is the only weak moment on the album, a cold, mechanical number that doesn't fit with anything else here, but beyond that everything is essential listening.

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