Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pork Pie - 1976 - The Door Is Open

Pork Pie 
The Door Is Open

01. Devil Toes 5:37
02. Zana 7:25
03. Telisi Rama 5:09
04. He´s Gone 2:32
05. Simul Synchrone 6:14
06. Avoid the Year of the Monkey (parts 1 & 2) / Fugawy 9:44
07. The Door Is Open 6:29

Philip Catherine: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo
Jasper van't Hof: electric piano, organ, grand piano
Charlie Mariano: soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute, bamboo flute, nagaswaram
Bo Stief: electric bass
John Marshall: drums

Jasper van't Hof and Charlie Mariano first met in 1971 at the Domizil jazz club in Munich, Germany. Their paths crossed several times (at that time Jasper van't Hof played with Association P.C. and Charlie Mariano was a member of Ambush) before they met again in December of 1973 at the New Jazz Meeting Baden-Baden. During the meeting Jasper van't Hof and Charlie Mariano decided to found their own band. Pork Pie was very successful in Europe and the band would have existed longer, but Charlie Mariano also was a member of Eberhard Weber's Colours recording for ECM. Producer Manfred Eicher wanted Charlie Mariano to concentrate on Colours which meant that he finally had to leave Pork Pie.