Thursday, March 3, 2016

Neu! - 1996 - Neu! '72 Live! In Düsseldorf

Neu! '72 Live! In Düsseldorf

01. 6 May '72, Part 1 (38:55)
02. Silence (11:11)
03. 6 May '72, Part 2 (6:55)

- Klaus Dinger / drums, voice
- Michael Rother / guitar, voice
- Eberhard Kranemann / bass, voice

No this is not crap this is not the best recording by Neu but is it way way better than 75% of the mush that people cream off about. Neu's studio output is essential , and this is pretty good. When the histories of prog are finally written bands like this will be seen as the real heroes of the hour. This is a Teutonic Master Band applying itself to its musings, it has more in common with modern classical music than the te4chnical masturbation of bands like YES. It is a pretty poor production and recording and that dosn't help. The right place and the right mood are essential to appreciate what is being attempted here. Of course they are very young a distortion that is the bane of popular music. Bands like this need many years to raech perfection, these recordings are still very much the work of young men with relatively scant experience and so often they screw up. When it works it is wonderful. In the studio they were able to edit out a lot of the false experiments the failed attempts and so the studio lps are way better. This is no were near as bad as much of the 80's and 90's industrial output and it compares very well with the best of that. It is not as dark as most music at the fringe and that is good for both the listener and the disappointed listener who doesnt yet get it.



  2. Nice review of NEU! 72, it makes me want to reappraise my copy, I've always liked the packaging more than the music itself.

    Here is more live NEU! from '72, with a lineup of Dinger, Rother, Kranemann, and Uli Trepte:

    More info can be found here:

    Musically and sound-wise, it's on par with the Captain Trip release